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Have a long-haired, dapple doxie!

100 TV shows #80-Justified


I know this is getting embarrassing. Nearly a year since the last post, and hardly anybody reading anymore. Not to mention the number of projects already abandoned. I don't think I'm going to get the rest of the drabbles posted to A03. The world will live without further dissemination of those nuggets. BUT I really want to finish this thing. Just 20 more to go, and hopefully, I can do it before DW and LJ and the whole damn interwebs cease to exist.

We just finished the last season of this show last week, and I can't tell you how happy I was with the finale. I wanted to book a flight to Hollywood, track down David Shore and tell him THIS is how you do a finale with an impossible, yet perfect slash pairing. (Also this is how you resolve an impossible yet alluring het pairing.)

I was originally turned on to Justified by vanillafluffy in a post where she mentioned Timothy Olyphant and a hat. This might have been before I even finished (or maybe even started Deadwood.) I don't think I got around to trying it at the time, but once the first two seasons had come out on DVD, we did the Netflix thing and OMG...THE WRITING!!! (Acting too, but first and foremost THE WRITING.)

It took me awhile to warm up to the characters, but eventually I loved them all so much, or loved to hate them. Season 5 being the big exception. Aside from Dewey, the Crowes just didn't do it for me, but I did love poor stupid Dewey, and especially anytime the extras included interviews with Damon Herriman out of character. Best American accent by a non-American since Hugh Laurie in House, with addition of a regional accent, which Mr. Laurie did not have to do.

I was always a season behind because it took forever for each one to come out on DVD. We tried to do season 3 in real time, but DVR let me down and it's really a show I'm better off binging on (HAHA) than having to wait for, because so much shit happens in an individual episode. This got super crazy in the last season. Between the 2nd and 3rd disks, hubby and I couldn't remember WHY Boyd needed Zacchariah's help in the first place, and then we remembered at the same time.

Boyd, Boyd, Boyd. Mrrrrooowww. I wasn't familiar with any of the actor's other work. (Never saw The Sheild) and by season 2, I was so on board...and entranced with the Boyd/Ava relationship as much as the Raylan/Boyd subtext. Oh by the way, Mr. Shore...that's ALSO how you play subtext that's pretty damn in your face (the one episode where they have a protracted conversation about Boyd's balls is a classic) and still not feel like pandering and/or fanservice. It might help that this was another situation where I was virtually out of fandom, and therefore if there were shipwars to be found, I was far from the battlefield.

My other major quibble - make it quibbles- the woobiefication of Ava in Season 5 and the character of Wynona in general. But even she made me smile during the big heist plot.

Let me say it again...THE WRITING...every single character got one or two awesome bon mots and each character (Crowes aside) had so much groovy stuff going on, even if we never got it all spelled out. Tim Gutterson, we hardly knew ya and yet we KNOW you. Some of the best baddies ever...Mags Bennet, Robert Quarles, WYNN FUCKING DUFFY!!! (Wynn and Boyd in scenes together were the best thing ever. Two characters who were both in love with their own turns of phrase.) Music. Direction. Ambiance Acting. (Great character actors showing up from Deadwood and comic actors turning in stellar dramatic performances.) GUH! And it's over.

And it ended PERFECTLY. Generally I loved the fact that it was a show were I honestly didn't know what was going to happen, especially once it was established as an "anyone can die" show, without the misery and gloom that aspect lent to Spooks, but in the last scene I KNEW exactly what Boyd was going to say at the end and I was nearly crying and dancing about it at the same time. Because that's how you do slash my friends.

Got through Thanksgiving...

both physically and emotionally abstinent.

My focus was on staying calm and compassionate toward my sister-in-law, my husband and the world at large, including the people who can eat stuffing, gravy, pumpkin pie etc. (Of course I don't think anyone SHOULD be doing that, but if you want to destroy your mind and body, that ain't my business.) I brought my own veggies and fruit for a snack and then came home for my paleo dinner.

Last Wednesday, I got through some hellacious airport bureaucratic bs yesterday with a minimum of bitching, whining or freaking out. I mostly stayed in my yoga/meditation happy place and tried to believe that everyone involved was doing the best they could. They even let me slide when it turned out my state ID had expired which could have derailed the whole process.

Yesterday I went to the DMV to deal with the expired ID situation. More line-standing and potential for rage against the machine, but I worked my program as much as I could and remembered that I least I would be leaving the DMV someday, unlike the employees, who therefore needed my compassion, and possibly pity. And they did get me through there in about two hours, and I will soon have my new ID. (And it was my own lack of mindfulness of when my ID was going to expire that put me there in the first place.)

Did I mention that my husband bought a harp?

Halloween has been survived!

My second abstinent Halloween and if there is one binge-trigger holiday for me...it's Halloween. (Especially those bastard candy corns.)

Nice arms-Seb"s house

Find the album HERE on Flicker, or if you are following me on FB, it will be under Halloween 2015.

A last and best birthday present.

I have just paid off my outstanding credit card balance in full. This was a debt I started acquiring with a Gap Visa shortly after Hubby's 1st broken leg motorcycle accident. After a few years of truly horrific interest, I swapped it over to a no-interest Citibank Mastercard, but in the way of all "free money" and my very bad programming when it comes to all things financial, I never quite got it all the way down. There was always some reason I needed to put something on the card.

I've been making progress, but it's a goal you can almost never achieve, which is of course how the card companies (even Amex) like it.

BUT...this has been a year of so many blessings. This week we were advised of a little ditty called the Health Care Accountability Ordinance (HCAO). It turns out that if you work at the airport for a company that employs more than 100 employees: (And I quote) Your employer cannot require you to contribute any amount towards the premiums for health plan coverage for yourself.


So I just got a refund for all the money I've had taken out of my paycheck for health insurance since I started with American Express...and that's enough to pay off the card. I love my job, I love my job, I love my job! (I also love the City and County of San Francisco.)

Things I never thought I'd have to do

Explain fandom and fanfic to my OA sponsor, so I can admit to myself to GOD and to another human being the exact nature of some very specific wrongs. I know that hard-core amends lie ahead, but that's somewhere down the road. Right now, I'm in the midst of the longest, slowest 4th and 5th step in history.

An epiphany and the end of a relationship.

On Monday, I was in the gym, doing a bicep curl with a 40 lb barbell. I've been doing weight training since 1999 and I've never managed to get over 40lbs for that exercise. And right in the middle of doing it, all I could think was, "I don't want to do this anymore."

For the past year, I've been trying to maintain a yoga practice and still do weight-training at least three times a week. I've been terrified that if I stop doing the weights, I'll turn into a shapeless blob, but I've also been bemoaning the lack of progress in my yoga practice. In other words, I've been half-assing both. Plus still trying to do a bike ride once a week. For awhile I was doing yoga and weights on the same days, but that was a bit too compulsive and with my exercise abstinence, I'm only allowed to do one thing a day.

It took a few days to over-come my fear, but I KNOW if I really commit to the yoga, it will help maintain my muscle tone and be much better for flexibility and peace of mind.

Along with giving up the gym, I'm de facto completing my divorce from the Evil Scale God. Since the only scale I trust is the one at the Montgomery Street 24 Hour Fitness and after this I won't have access. I had already made a commitment not to get on the scale for the rest of this year, but assumed I could go to Montgomery St next year and see what's going on.

Now that I don't have that scale...well I can't trust any other. This is of course crazy brain because any scale can always have been recalibrated at any time.

Anyway-tonight I went downtown and bit the bullet. It's over.

I have some dumbbells here in the house, as well as my foam roller and stability ball, but the access to the big machines and "my" scale are gone.


Now it's just me and my yoga and no excuses.

Sugar makes me stupid

But low blood sugar ALSO makes me stupid.

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