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The scale says 134 1/2

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That's down from 141 a month ago. Taking into account that 141 was the morning after the end of a NASTY binge, and possibly still full of menstrual guck, that's still pretty impressive considering that I ate a lot of nuts the first 20 days and then was having night binges on figs and apricots.

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Eli wants to go to the Mint.

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Hey guys.......Guess what?

Company Time - Glitter Graphics - Glitter Graphics

At a much higher offer than I was expecting.

The one thing is...still have to clear a background check, including my work history. Some of those places don't even EXIST anymore, so I'm not sure how they can verify it, but still.....I'm getting out of here.

Probably giving notice in early August, assuming I've actually accrued enough PTO to give myself at least one or two weeks off before the training starts on August 25.

Thank you all so much for putting up with 8 years of kvetching, whining, pissing and moaning about this hell-hole and thanks for all the love and encouragement during this process.

I can't make my "Free At Last" speech just yet, but I'm awfully close.

Before/After picture update.

These two were taken almost exactly a year apart. I'm wearing the same shirt and standing in nearly the same place. Not sure what the exact number is right now. I've been off the scale for a month and have one more day before I can get back on. But let me tell you guys---I look good naked!

What a difference a year makes!


I think the interview went well. I looked good, I felt good. The interviewer was a total sweetheart. Lots of laughing, etc. BUT there is still the possibility that I came across as too needy and desperate for the job, because I am, you know, needy and desperate for the job.

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RIP Eli Wallach

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Eli Wallach, Multifaceted Actor, Dies at 98

One of the all-time greats. For me, his best role will always be Calvera in The Magnificent Seven and he was still kicking ass and stealing scenes the last time I saw him in The Ghost Writer.


Nordstrom Rack let us down!

As did Ross, so we took the middle ground and headed for Macy's, where after a bit of perusal, Yanni let go of his original concept, which something like a tightly cut sheath dress with a blazer over it and we basically went with the pre-matched separates by Jones New York. I came out of the dressing room and Yanni basically announced we were done, except I was trying a size 10 blouse that was too every piece of the suit is a Size 8. I do think there's some vanity sizing involved, but it's still gratifying. I've been to paradise, but I've never been a size 8.

The interview is set for 7A at the airport, Tuesday. I'll call a cab around 530AM. Tomorrow is going to be a pain, both because I'm going to have be shpilkes about the interview and having to at least pretend to give a shit about my "real" job.

Also, since I can't be carrying a bag of food to the interview, I have to get two days worth of food to work tomomrrow. I eat three meals at work so that's three measured portions of protein/veg/fruit X 2. I'll ride the bike tomorrow---leave it overnight---and ride it home after work Tuesday, which also means leaving my heavy coat at the office tomorrow.

I bought a ton of stuff at Walgreens today, but forgot to get pantyhose, which I need multiples of, because you KNOW there's going to be a run the first time I try to put one on.

Goddess nails are done with a very pale, but not girly pink. Professional and conservtive looking---I hope.


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