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[sticky post] 100 Things Blogging Post-Master List

Hey, kids! Did you miss me?

The trip was wonderful, the most amazing part being that I didn't lose my sobriety, my clean-time, my food abstinence or my shit. I worked damn hard to stay sane, including a lot of meetings and a good bit of yoga, but it was worth it. I'll write up a trip report and get the pictures set up in a way that I can show them to you as soon as I can. Here's the one I got in Dublin that was so touristy, but so very worth it.

Me and Phil

One thing I like about this place...

You can use a loo ANYWHERE! No keys, no codes, no "restrooms for patrons only." There are thousands of people here for the Fleadh and so far no trouble finding a place to pee or eat.

I'm such a tourist

You'll have to see it on FB though. One reason I'm annoyed with the iPhone app is that it keeps cutting the top off my pictures.


A hearty fuck-you

To the LJ app for iPhone. I know it's better than nothing, but honestly...it kinda sucks.

On the road again!

First vacation since Maui 2014.

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100 TV shows #82-Life On Mars

Of course it goes without saying that I'm ONLY referring to the original UK show. As far as I'm concerned the US remake doesn't exist, except to the extent that I enjoyed dancing on its grave when it got cancelled.

Life On Mars


True chemistry and amazing subtext---but NOT fanservice.

I got there from the Barrowman/Torchwood/Dr. Who connection and was lucky enough to not see the show until AFTER it had already ended, so I'd seen Simm as the Master BEFORE I ever saw him as Sam Tyler. I'd seen fanvids and read fanfic, so I knew how it ended, but that didn't diminish the impact of the finale at all. I remember the anticipation as I got the downloads (before Mega-Upload was taken from us) and watched each one on my laptop.

I fell in love with Sam and Gene and especially Sam/Gene in all it's sexy/angsty/self-loathing/S&M tinged glory. The smut was SO GOOD! I ate it up with a spoon. I knew some of the writers from Torchwood and House, but I also found others who were specific to that fandom.

I also wrote some Simm/Glennister RPS. They were so fucking hot together.

What Happens In Manchester
Where or When

I know I'm idealizing and I'm sure there was plenty of ship-warring and Annie-hate, but that's not how I remember it. I know Sam's angsty whining got on my nerves and I really wanted to smack him sometimes, but the ending redeemed anything.

Sixteen episodes, great 70's music, the awesome clothes, amazing writing, brilliant acting...and Philip Glenister's Top Gear interview. (Mrrrrroooowwww)

Shout outs to some of the folks I got to share the love and lust with:

Yes, things definitely went tits up with Ashes to Ashes and I'll get to that soon (or eventually), but this is an entry of joy. A show and a fandom I never had to stop loving either because of the creators or the fandom itself.

Although strangely enough, I've never gone back for a re-watch. I'd hate for it not to be as perfect as I remember.

US Politics-Now I'm getting worried.

You all know how I get about politics. About everything really, but for the time being we're talking politics.

Remember when I wrote posts that made people reallyreallyreally hate me because I was less than diplomatic? Time for one of those.Collapse )
Anytime, anyday, anywhere in San Francisco.

Yoga Mats on 16th-Two for one.

18th St Yoga Mat

I cut my hair.

Actually Sebastian cut it, but I told him to do it.

I've been struggling with the hair thing. I'd been wearing it in a scrunchy, but since we got comments about my looking "sloppy" and "disheveled," I was doing the ponytail with an elastic, twisted up and hidden in a big clip. This made me look extremely severe and required enough produce to destroy the environment three times over. AND if a little got out of place, it looked even worse.

Two weeks ago (or something like that), I was in downtown Oakland in the rain and it was just feeling heavier and frizzier and by the time I got to Sebastian, I was like "DO SOMETHING!"

Now it's shorter (not supershort, but a lot shorter) and I'm basically only wearing it short and curly. I was totally paranoid that the Team Leader would freak out. Her boss saw it first and said it was OK. Team Leader was taken aback, but has gotten used to it and everybody seems to feel that it's really "cute." Definitely more forgiving. Makes me look younger etc.

I'm using Deva One products. I wash it with No-Poo, use conditioner, dry it with a t-shirt (No Terry Cloth! is the new "No Wire Hangers.) apply gel and scrunch. The hardest part is not touching it after the scrunching, because touching makes frizz.

I'll get a picture up when I can have a good one taken.



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