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RIP Elaine Stritch

bridge run
Another one I missed while I was in my Vacation Bubble, although I did have her on my Ipod while I was doing on of my early-AM try and beat the heat training runs.

Elaine Stritch dies at 89; Broadway actress had blue-collar attitude


RIP James Garner

James Garner dead at 86: Actor leaves big legacy as a ‘Maverick’ on the small screen

I missed this while I was on vacation, but couldn't let it pass without note. One of the greats, especially in one of my favorite obscure movies of all time: A Man Could Get Killed.

And THOSE commercials!


Maui 2014-Day 1

Really good departure from Oakland, including Execucar pick-up at 5:00AM. Fairly smooth flight. Had breakfast at Koa's, my first of many helpings of Loco Moco, the beginning of road to non-Paleo perdition.

We picked up our rental bikes from Boss Frog. Turns out I can't ride a Cannondale "road bike" to save my life. WAY too light. It totaly freaked me out and Sean insisted I take a hybrid Fuji instead, which was fine by me. Took our first ride on the Honoapiilani Highway, and our first gander the many exciting bits of roadkill that appear on it.

Once we were finally able to get into our rooms at Lahaina Shores, we immediately got into bathing suits and headed out for HOT TUB and Lawn Chair time, so I could make a dent in my stack of New Yorkers.

Day 1 pictures on Flickr

Going to Maui with no lap top.

Team Torchwood
I'll be back in a week with lovely pictures for you.

My food plan is to JERF (Just Eat Real Food) and NO BINGING!


I thought I was thru the background check, but apparently not.

It turns out that I'm thru the check done by an outside company, but "our internal security team is doing their reviews." Which means I could still lose the job at any time, therefore I can't go on vacation with any confidence that I can give notice if shit hits the fan when I get back.


The scale says 134 1/2

bridge run
That's down from 141 a month ago. Taking into account that 141 was the morning after the end of a NASTY binge, and possibly still full of menstrual guck, that's still pretty impressive considering that I ate a lot of nuts the first 20 days and then was having night binges on figs and apricots.

There may be something to this Paleo/Primal thing after all...Collapse )

Eli wants to go to the Mint.

jelly belly

Hey guys.......Guess what?

Company Time - Glitter Graphics - Glitter Graphics

At a much higher offer than I was expecting.

The one thing is...still have to clear a background check, including my work history. Some of those places don't even EXIST anymore, so I'm not sure how they can verify it, but still.....I'm getting out of here.

Probably giving notice in early August, assuming I've actually accrued enough PTO to give myself at least one or two weeks off before the training starts on August 25.

Thank you all so much for putting up with 8 years of kvetching, whining, pissing and moaning about this hell-hole and thanks for all the love and encouragement during this process.

I can't make my "Free At Last" speech just yet, but I'm awfully close.


bridge run
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