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[sticky post] 100 Things Blogging Post-Master List

Happy Mother's Day

100 TV shows #81-M*A*S*H


One fic only-written for Yuletide: Lots of angst. Goodbye Means Goodbye

A MEME answer to "Saddest Character Death Ever!"

Still determined to finish this thing.

One of the specific quotes I remember from One Day At a Time, was from an episode where the older daughter was trying to get her mom to pay for a private school and was trying to make the case that she would get a better education than in the public school she was going to. One of her arguments was, “If it weren’t for M*A*S*H, I would never have heard of the Korean War.”

I know the feeling.Collapse )
Laughing Lotus, the studio where I practice yoga, has a monthly theme, and April is Pranayama. I fucking HATE pranayama. That's right kids, I hate breathing. I always feel like I'm doing it wrong. I'm inhaling when I should be exhaling or vice versa. If we're doing "Kalibati breathing" I'm afraid snot is going to come out of my nose, and the Ujjayi thing makes me feel like an asthmatic French Bulldog.

A sign of how much I hate Pranayama is that I'm actually glad it's May, for which the theme is meditation. Only my hatred of Pranayama can make me appreciate meditation.

Speaking of things I hate..

Medical TMI aheadCollapse )
And a few days later I saw Kris Kristofferson and he looked utterly devastated.

There are two people in my life who adored the Hag. One left us last year, so maybe he's now got the chance to meet his hero and the other is still here and keeping the flame alive at The Mint.

Merle Haggard, Country Music’s Outlaw Hero, Dies at 79


RIP Prince

They've been dropping like flies and I've been wrapped up in too much to note each one, but in this case...ATTENTION MUST BE PAID!

I remember going to see Purple Rain by myself on opening night...I was really annoyed by the misogyny, but BLOWN AWAY by the music and the power of Prince's personality. Epic, absolutely epic. Goodnight, Sweet Prince!

Prince, master of rock, soul, pop and funk, dies at 57


Fundraising time.

Sooooo....I decided to save what was left of my legs and gave up "chronic cardio." No more marathons, half-marathons, or even 5-K at this point So no more fund-raising, right?

Apparently not.

Now it's Yoga, and on March 19th, I'm going to (I hope) participate in a Yogathon to raise $$ for RISE, which brings Yoga classes to low-income schools in the the Bay Area. The event is 108 Sun Salutations and I'm trying to raise $108.00.

Donation Page Link

If you can do a small donation, that would be awesome.

The Yoga practice has done more for my health and self-esteem than the running ever did, and I think the cause is a worthy one.

I realize this is showing my real name. I think it's worth it and in the big picture who cares? (You should be able to find me on FB as well.)

Tomorrow I'm meeting with my sponsor to read her my writings on the question: How do you react when people disagree with you? In response she is going to hear THE WHOLE STORY of my on-line fandom life from the day I found House_Slash on LJ thru the entire Torchwood experience and the aftermath thereof.

It's going to be a long session and I'm convinced I am prepared to be completed honest about the exact nature of my wrongs. (No, I didn't say I was ready to make amends...that's WAY down the line. Just that I'm going to be honest.)

But please...one or two bucks to help kids get to the mat or at least get the mat to kids...THANKS!



My original post was to wish for him to RIH (Rot In Hell). It's been pointed out that this was unseemly...not that the other side wouldn't be even more vitriolic regarding any of our Liberal Icons. I read the Wing-Nut websites and I know what was said when Senator Edward M. Kennedy left us.

Let's celebrate the opportunity this presents for President Obama and work twice as hard to get EITHER Hillary or Bernie elected President so they get the next pick as well.

For my friends in the UK or over-seas...I'm not even sure what the equivalent is. He wasn't an elected official, so perhaps not quite in the Thatcher realm, but in the States, the Supreme Court is for LIFE and Justice Scalia has been spewing his hatred and poison into the Law of the Land longer than most of our politicians have been in office.

Antonin Scalia, Justice on the Supreme Court, Dies at 79

First time on bike since November.

Between weather and commitment to both yoga and exercise abstinence (one exercise per day and I usually pick yoga) it's been a while. However after 5 yoga days with some emphasis on Camel pose (UGH!) the tops of my toes needed a break. Also, the Saturday morning classes get reallly full and I'm not crazy about a yoga class where I'm afraid I'll hit the person next to me during a sun salutation, so I dragged my arse out early, pumped up the tires and spent an hour pedaling around the Mission/Castro area...of course I'm avoiding downtown right now. It's going to be a ZOO until after Superbowl 50.

See me slog



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