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Oh, it's going to be that kind of a day.

So as of 1130AM PST, the following has already transpired:

Two of my co-workers basically bailed on dealing with a client who is leaving for Canada on Saturday and just realized his passport expired three months ago. (Maybe they remembered my tale of discovering that my passport was expiring in one week, just as I was landing in Edinburgh for a two week trip to the UK.)

I got stuck dealing with this. I determined that if he used the Visa service that we generally refer clients to, it would take two working days. Then I sent him the link to the SF Passport Office, told him he'd need to call them directly to make an appointment and wished him luck.

If there is any complaint that I somehow could or should have done more, I swear, there will be hell to pay.

THEN I got dragged back into a continuing accounting fiasco which has nothing to do with me, except the fact that the head of accounting at the Law Firm, which I'm very tempted to start calling Wolfram and Hart, always calls me to help her figure out these kinds of things. Somehow a few records got dupe invoiced and duplicate fees were charged. You'll note the word "fees." You'll also note, quite rightly as any sane person who is a well-educated speaking of the English language would, that the word "fees" does not contain an apostrophe.

The woman in accounting, who I am (hahah) counting on to get this mess straightened out and explained in a way that I can commicate to the accounting lady at the Law Firm, INSISTS on spelling it "fee's." This causes to seethe with irrational, self-righteous, grammar-related rage, which I'm stuck with because I can't be giving grammar tutorials (desperately needed as they are) to the accounting department. Let's not forget that this is the same department that employs a woman who regularly uses "must of" in her emails. That one just make my head spin and my eyes bleed.

Meanwhile, I've been feeling some painful twinges in my right hand. I'm assuming these are either muscle spasms or possibly carpal tunnel syndrome. Either way, they are not fun to experience while typing, using a mouse, or you know, gripping a pair of handlebars for dear line while trying not to get killed riding a bike on Market St.

I've got some Ibuprofen I've been carrying around, but that would have to wait until I can get something in my stomach. That was the moment I realized I had brilliantly left the house without an ATM card. No big deal, right? I've got checks and there's a big Wells Fargo practically across the street. Except for the part where I also don't have my ID. I really need to start throwing my whole wallet in the pannier, instead of just tucking my ATM in a pocket.

I did manage to convince Wells to cash my check using my security card, with its disturbing, but still recognizable picture of me as ID. (You go Wells Fargo!)

So I have now had some cereal, taken the Ipuprofen and more or less deal with the morning's insanity.


Warning-continued self-righteousness and SJW-ish ranting ahead:

Now if I could just stop obsessing about the fact that election is in less than 100 days and nobody EXCEPT the wing-nuts seem to be paying attention. We could lose this thing. Lose it badly. House, Senate and GODHELPUS MOTHERFUCKING MITT ROMNEY FOR PRESIDENT and I honestly think nobody cares. Certainly not the little fangirls who are too busy fapping over Teen Wolf. I'm sorry if that's one of you. (Although I'm also a little disgusted, Teen Wolf, REALLY?) I don't begrudge you fannish squeeeee, but if you're not out there doing something to avoid this catastrophe, I'm not going to be all that sympathetic to your whinging when abortion is totally outlawed and any civil rights you actually care about are completely eradicated.


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Aug. 2nd, 2012 08:45 pm (UTC)
Fee's and must of? You don't need ibuprofen. You need a battle axe (I know I would).
At least you can do something about the election, over here we can just hope for best.

Trying to find good news, the two largest countries of central Europe are basically Socialist: France just elected a Socialist President (and that lasts seven years) while Germany has a conservative government, where the dominant party is to the left of anything you have over there: in fact, the most rightwing party in the country is appropriately called the liberals.

Aug. 3rd, 2012 02:21 am (UTC)
I don't feel like I can do anything. I feel like no one is paying attention and the lies and anti-progressive memes are spreading deeper and farther everyday. This inane Chick-Fil-A thing is a perfect example. We all know that "I support traditional marriage" is a code for "get rid of the gays," but the power of Fixed Noise and the Right Wing blogosphere managed to transmute that into the idea that it was the liberals who are intolerant. ARRRRGGGGHHHH!
Aug. 2nd, 2012 08:51 pm (UTC)
Can you switch mousing hands? Using my left one helped when my right got all stiff and achy.

Honey, I live in looney land. I love the South... our food, our accents, our pretty blue eyed boys, our oceans and grand old southern cities but dayum, there are a lot of stupid right wingers here who cannot see why it is bad to discriminate 'cause they think God is on their side. I live every day in fear that Romney and his cast of fools are going to invade our country with all that Mormon insanity or worse that too-rich-for-words insanity and all those lil Bible toters are going to realize that he ain't one of them either. Then we'll all be in the crapper!
Aug. 3rd, 2012 02:19 am (UTC)
I know it must be hard and there are limits to what you can safely to try and win hearts and minds, but at least you're aware. I know I'm being a big old meany-pants and possibly a tedious old fart, but as much as I do love good fannish Squeeee, I also get the feeling there are lot of kids out there (and by kids, I mean OLD ENOUGH TO VOTE, but too young to care) who are not tuned in and genuinely believe that Romney wouldn't be so bad. The fact is, it almost doesn't matter if he's Moderate Mitt who tried to run to the left of Edward M. Kennedy when he ran for the Senate for if he really believes the scary shit he has to say to keep the base happy. IF he wins, there is good chance the FARFARFAR Right will have him by the tea bags as it were.

IT WILL NOT BE OK! I just want to get on Tumblr and preach it every fucking day. Enjoy your fapping over Teen Wolf, you stupid little brats. Get ready for not only no slash fanservice on TV, but reinstatement of every anti-gay statute ever put on the books.
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