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Flat Tire!

On my bike. This morning. When I was at least four miles from the office. This wouldn't be so bad if it were my "commute route," in which case I could just jump on BART or even use one of the bike racks on Muni, BUT NOOOOOOOO!!!!! It was my "training route" where I try to get in at least 10 miles in loops around Mission Bay before I go anywhere near downtown. In other words I was LITERALLY out where the busses don't run. BLERGH! It must be a slow leak because I got at least 7 miles before I looked down and noticed the squishiness of my front tire.

So my morning workout looked like this:

1 hour 8 minutes 37 seconds
7.93 miles

Walking, while pushing the bicycle
51 minutes 22 seconds
2.26 miles

Then I tried to get in a cab, but couldn't fit the bike in the back, so I walked over to the "Ride The Parks" bike rental folks and borrowed a pump. The tube held enough air for me to ride the remaining .76 to work.

Oh well, there had to be some calorie burn in there somewhere if only on the aggro.

Also my 2nd day going "pure paleo" meaning this time I'm trying to let go of my diet soda/sugarless gum addiction. Caveman Zog didn't have Extra Peppermint to chomp on all day or the option of swigging down Diet Sunkist.

I also tried a Quest bar, recommended by my friend Jim. Pretty good on taste. Not overwhelming on calories, but not great on satiety. Ate the bar at about 10:00AM and by 1145AM, I needed to do some fruit and veggie, but since it's really only supposed to be replacing the protein, I guess that's reasonable. Mostly I'm looking for something to use as cardio fuel in lieu of brown rice or quinoa.

I'm desperately freaked out over how much I could have put back on while I was in binge mode. I'm only wearing tent-like skirts because I'm terrified to put on even a size 12 and have it not fit.


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May. 29th, 2014 12:52 pm (UTC)
I'm not entirely totally sure how/ what you can/can't have on paleo BUT I do know I'm much better - feel fuller for longer - if I have a protein heavy smoothie than a protein bar. I assume it's something to do with the greater volume.
May. 29th, 2014 04:55 pm (UTC)
My current regime is the 1 cup almond mile first thing AM, which generally means between 5A and 530A depending on how bad the sleep thing has been. That gives me a carb/protein boost and helps me get the painkillers/vitamins/supplements down.

Today I did a cardio/stability ball/foam roller workout and did the protein bar as soon as I got myself settled in at the office. That's giving me some good energy to handle first things first stuff.

I still have fruit and veggies waiting for when the next "slump" hits.

Then I tend to have a full veg/fruit/protein meal at 1 and 4 and one at home which I try to stretch to as late as possible so there isn't a big hunger gap between dinner and before sleep cashew or almond butter. (Peanut butter is now out.) I can fill in that gap with fruit or veggies if necessary, but I'd really rather not.

May. 29th, 2014 07:21 pm (UTC)
Painkillers on an empty stomach is never a good idea...

Question: does almond butter taste like almonds or like marzipan?
I'm tempted to try it, only if I can't eat it there's no-one else here who will, and I *hate* wasting food.
May. 30th, 2014 07:13 pm (UTC)
If you're looking for a non-peanut nut butter, I'd recommend the cashew over the almond. I've tried two different brands and there's a sort of sharpness and a slightly chalky texture that I've notices so far, whereas the cashew butter is sweeter and closer to a smooth peanut butter taste.

For real fun try ANTIBIOTICS on what I thought was a full enough stomach and turned out very much not to be.
May. 30th, 2014 07:20 pm (UTC)
ANTIBIOTICS on what I thought was a full enough stomach and turned out very much not to beBleugh. *hugs*

Cashew nut it is then. I actually now need to buy some nut butter as daughter came for breakfast after her Boxercise class (it's our regular breakfast date) and finished off the last of my peanut butter.

I also have coconut water on my list as a change from using my regular hazelnut 'milk' that I use for smoothies.
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