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So far, so good.

Made it through the night. There's actually been some improvement on the night-eating and waking up wanting to eat front. Not counting nights following days when I've been into the food, I'm actually getting better at waking, seeing that it's 230AM and saying, OH, that's interesting and going back to sleep.

Bike ride this AM.

Distance: 30.03 mi
Time: 4:02:23

Make that long, slow, grueling bike ride.

The map doesn't tell you much because a lot of it was just repeated loops.

Came home, did some foam roller action, which will hopefully work out SOME of the lactic acid. Manage to stick to veg/fruit/protein and right now, kanine hora, not feeling too much of the crazy. It helps that I don't have anything in particular hanging over me from work. Last week there was an unresolved approval issue which could have had repercussions and was eating at me which the usual results.

Right now I've got some good endorphins going, plus some proactive Vicodin and Flexeril. I'm reallllllly hoping my doctor is going to be nice about giving me another Vicodin prescription because I'm totes gonna need it BIG TIME tomorrow.

Next challenge getting through the afternoon---plan to focus on some of my side-line editing work. Just a reminder---thefictionguru@gmail.com is open for business. Sliding scale. Reasonable rates.


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Jun. 1st, 2014 06:29 am (UTC)
Good endorphins are *good*.
I am totally crap at rolling over and going back to sleep again so congratulations on getting ahead in that battle.

I may be in need of a beta in the not too distant future . It will be Doctor, Jack and it won't be huge or anything, okay if I throw it at you at some point?
Jun. 1st, 2014 02:20 pm (UTC)
Yup! I still like to keep a hand in the fanfic/beta game and I've grandfathered all my previous beta-ees in as "free."

I'm obvious stiff as a board right now despite Flexeril and a hot bath. I ate a LOT of fruit yesterday, but none of the crap (refined sugar/starch) and nothing (I think) after my peanut butter so I'm calling it a victory.
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