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[sticky post] 100 Things Blogging Post-Master List

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

Ganked from babykid528.

I'll be posting 100 TV Shows and my feelings about them. No particular order.

1-Miami Vice
2-Hollywood Squares
3-Twin Peaks
4-Barney Miller
5-Ground Force
6-Changing Rooms
8-Hill Street Blues
9-Hodge Podge Lodge
10-CSI:Crime Scene Investigation
14-The Edge of Night
15-Hawaii 5-0
16-The Sopranos
18-Later With Bob Costas
19-One Day at a Time
20-Hot L Baltimore
21-House MD
22-Spooks (MI5)
26-Dirty Jobs
28-City of Angels
29-LA Law
30-Due South
31-Chico and the Man
35-White Collar
37-Reasonable Doubts
39-Knots Landing
40-Live at Five
43-Mad Men
44-Countdown with Keith Olbermann
46-Anything But Love
47-Happy Days
48-Welcome Back, Kotter
49-Buffy, The Vampire Slayer.
50-It Takes a Thief
54-Broken Badges
57-The Hour
58-Baa Baa Black Sheep
59-Mission: Magic!
61-The Monkees
62-Six Feet Under
63-Star Trek
64-All In The Family
65-The Jeffersons
67-Midsomer Murders
68-Person of Interest
70-The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson
71-The Electric Company
72-Sesame Street
73-Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
77-The A-Team
79-True Detective
82-Life on Mars
84-The Good Wife
85-Ashes to Ashes
86-The Mary Tyler Moore Show
89-New Tricks
90-Time Team
91-The Galloping Gourmet
92-The Rockford Files
94-The Kenny Everett Video Show
95-Solid Gold
96-Faoi Lán Cheoil
100-The Wire

We will not regret the past....

Uh, yeah, well...

I'm back in the process of getting the 2011 Drabble-a-Day project all imported into A03, which means I'm going back over the things I posted along with the drabbles. LOTS of rants about various TV shows that were not living up to my expectations and desires of how fictional characters should act, including my rage-a-holic House posting, vociferous frustration with White Collar and of course the entire Torchwood: Miracle Day before/during/after period. Out where the busses don't run doesn't begin to cover the level of mishegas. Part of me would honestly like to delete all of it. "...or wish to shut the door on it."

I'd love to blame it on my disease, but it doesn't work that way. I was as batshit crazy, a wanker, a shit-stain, or whatever else people who were directly hurt or just observing the situation chose to call me.

I've noticed a lot of my ego-driven character defects cropping up again and that is the same insanity that drove me to the food and to the toxic crap I spewed around here. I'm jealous of one of my co-workers who gets more love from the CMs than I do, which is painful.

I'm NOT binging, but I'm backsliding on eating standing up, eating while reading, eating while on line, which are all behaviors I'd put down and need to turn back over to HP. (Om Nemah Shivaya!)

I had some bad dreams last night...the tooth dream, a using dream and an eating dream. All about shame and secrecy.

I have so much shame about the person I was in this space, as well as out in the world.

Currently working on memorizing and implementing the "St. Francis Prayer," which apparently he didn't actually write.

"That where there is discord, I may bring harmony."

The process continues.

With apologies to my atheist friends

Or whatever you may choose to call he, she or it!
I had my Iphone do a runner on Monday. Don't honestly know if I dropped it, left it or had it taken, but either way, two hours of not having it. I used technology to remotely lock it and leave a message, asking for the return, no questions asked, which eventually led to being reunited (and it feels so good.)
I won't say I got through the two hours completely calm, but I was a zillion times calmer than I would have been without meditation, chanting, prayer and Program in my life. I didn't make myself and everyone around g to me completely miserable. And the #1 miracle, attributable ONLY to a Higher Power is that I didn't eat over it.

And while I'm offending people...
Yes, I get the rapey vibe on Baby It's Cold Outside, however I can't see having any moral authority to wage that war as long as my favorite thing to sing at this time of year contains the deathless lyric, "You scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot!" (Although some people are more annoyed when I swim through the treacle of Mistletoe and Wine for various reasons. Sorry guys, I still ♥ Cliff.)

I read a TON of articles outlining all the ways that "Bohemian Rhapsody" is bollocks, in terms of being factually wrong to the point of slander in some cases, as well as how it is truly offensive in terms of LGBT representation, especially the "fruit flies" line. Then I went to see it again hoping not to love it as much. OOPS! Loved it even more. I'd say I'm on a highway to hell, but that's the wrong band and I'm not sure how Ganesha, Shiva etc feel about the whole thing.

I literally know NOTHING about Mr. Robot, apart from Rami Malek being in it. Does anyone I was tight with back in the day think I'd like it? I haven't watched any "new" television in....ok, Hubby and I (mostly hubby) watched the first two seasons of the Magicians recently and I was ok with that, but not passionately engaged.

Movie Review-Bohemian Rhapsody

1. I'm a child of the 70's/80's so this is really music I grew up with.
2. I still prefer documentaries to Bio-pics. So many by-the-number cliches. Evil record company-check! Drugs in a limo-check.
3. Rami Malek will be nominated for the Academy Award as Best Actor. (Sorry, Sasha Baron Cohen.)
4. The Live Aid sequence is absolutely spectacular. I KNOW I'm supposed to hate Bryan Singer for any number of non-film related reasons, but damn, that was amazing.
5. Mustaches galore!
6. OMG! Can I just say again, OMG! This movie is a fag-hag's absolute wet dream. This is the story I would have Id-ficced for myself, all those nights of being the girl in the gay bar, or waiting for a friend to do what ever he did in the balcony of the Adonis theater in Times Square, back in the day. SHE tells Freddy he's gay. He gets despondent when she gets a boyfriend. The EVIL GAY MAN is EVIL for trying to keep HER away from Freddy. The male "true love" gets less than 10 minutes of screen time and NO SEX SCENE. All the really decadent stuff, including the Russian that everyone was shagging...nowhere to be seen. Mary gets actual sex.
Best fucking movie ever.
OK, not really, because that's Apocalypse Now, but this movie made me happy for what probably ALL THE WRONG REASONS.
7. LOL-Mike Meyers.
8. I also loved the Kenny Everett scene. Adorbs!
9. Aiden Gillen...the make-up wasn't doing him any favors.
10. Adam Lambert cameo. Wheeeee!
11. I want to see it again. Immediately. If I didn't have to finish my Yuletide fic, I'd be at the Roxie right now

I'm not wearing a mask

I just can't do it. Just seeing other people on the street in them gives me a case of "Are you my mummy?" Heebie Jeebies.

So far the worst I've suffered from the smoke is having my Yoga Studio closed, especially this past Saturday, when I was going to have a chance to participate in the Kirtan for the 11th Anniversary Party. On the other hand I got to sing a ton at Karaoke instead.

Next year I'll be off on Saturday and Sunday, so I'll probably go back to Karaoke on Sundays.

Things are pretty bad at the airport. Smoke here. Snow in NY. Fires in Malibu. People not getting enough oxygen. Emotions are running high, but that's why they pay me the big bucks. (That's a joke, son.)


I’m actually skipping yoga for the 2nd day in a row. My exercise/body image compulsion is freaking out, but the Universe is sending me some pretty clear signals that I can’t be competent at my job when I’m sleep deprived and caffeine is not an actual substitute...even when it’s bulletproof.

Movie Notes: Bad Times At The El Royale

I took myself out to the movies today. I'm on PTO all week since I had to get the whole week off just be able to go out on Halloween. Since Hubby is not off, it made sense to vacate the premises while he was sleeping and the promo for this one looked interesting. It's pretty rare for me to be in a movie theater besides the Roxie or occasionally the Alamo Draft House and even rarer for me to be seeing anything besides a documentary.

It's been ages since I went to a "regular' movie. The last one may have been just around this time last year when Frank (RIP) and I saw "Marshall" together in celebration of my birthday. I still miss Frank. Who will sing Fairytale of New York with me this year? But I digress.

Actually, let me digress some more, because I can't actually say too much about the movie with out being all spoileriffic and that would be a disservice. My birthday was awesome. I went to yoga, chanted, went to work and didn't binge. Yesterday I had my astrological chart done. Slightly confusing-what do you mean i'm a Libra and very moving. There a collage involved and my central image was that of a small vulnerable kitten. Who knew?

Anyway, I wanted to see the movie because of the trailer bits I saw on Facebook, which somehow gave me the impression that the movie starred Chris Hemsworth's abs. For the record, Mr. Hemsworth's abs do give an amazing performance and his pornstache is impressive as well. However the abba-dabbas and tash take their own sweet time showing up.

He may now be my favorite of the Chrises for being willing to do this role. (Compelling, but not sympathetic.)

John Hamm is now redeemed from how much I grew to hate Mad Men.

Luckily the build-up is entertaining. Zingy dialogue. Great music. VERY Tarantino-esque. I can't say much about the plot because the twists start early and keep on going. The most I can say is everybody has a secret. I LOVED the late 60's ambiance, but I had a few quibbles of things I found anachronistic and maybe a few plot holes.

My biggest mistake was having a large hot caffeinated beverage that required me to take several potty breaks during the 2 plus hours. I don't think I missed too much because there are scenes that actually give you time to absorb details rather than being nothing but jump cuts and shootings. If the DVD comes out with director's commentary, I'd be very interested in it.

I'm not sure Hubby would have like it, so I'm glad I went alone. There is quite a bit of violence, but nothing that will give me nightmares and I'm good with the ending.

Go to see it for the twists, esthetic and dialogue. Get the abs as a bonus feature.
The previous high point was going to Rainbow Grocery on bicycle to buy bulk tea.

Today I changed a dental appointment to make time to see my meditation teacher/astrologer.

Pre-Yuletide note

My Yuletide letter will be appearing on LJ sometime in the next few days. If you're checking it out with possible treating in mind...YAY!!! Please consider yourself trigger-warned for the following: underage, age discrepancy, drugs, real person with a #metoo allegation, and a canon gay character being requested in a heterosexual pairing.

It's gonna be a problematic and iddy Yuletide, folks.

I know I need to give up Yuletide in deference to time constraints and sanity, but I'm not quite there yet. Not when I'm still getting awesome fics and writing stories that are (hopefully) making the recipients happy.

Last year I got this gem:
Against All Better Judgement by HalfshellVenus
Basically the fic of my dreams for these two. Hot. Sweet. Sad. ANGST! And did I mention, HOT?
It's not too late. Go. Read. Give love.

My contribution to the festivities was another foray in the the British Comedy/Panel Show universe featuring Lee Mack, Noel Fielding and a cast of several.
Something To Talk About

Yuletide letter 2018

Hello Beautiful Yuletide Writer!

I’m very excited to be participating this year and hope I’m giving you prompts that you will be able to have fun with if you were assigned in the initial match-up. If I’ve ended up on the Pinch Hit list and you’ve chosen one of these prompts then you are totally awesome for being willing to go out on one of these limbs, some of which I realize, are varying degrees of problematic

These are all requests of my heart for characters I love and ship super hard, so pretty much any way you can get them together will bring joy to my heart. I love angst and drama. Guilt, hatesex, self-loathing, jealousy, non-con, dub-con, and abuse are all on the table where appropriate. I don’t think anyone needs to be utterly destroyed, although Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow could leave one of both of the participants in pretty rough shape depending on how dark you want to go.

I honestly don’t mind the sex/UST/angst taking a turn toward darkfic, kinky or dirty/bad/wrong. I wouldn’t go so far as to DNW gen altogether, but it’s not what I’ve come to the party looking for. “Bryan” and “Anna Nicole” are at least implied canon. Mac/Greg is a slash dream I’ve held in my heart a long time. Jimmy/Kima is the most problematic, but I ship it like burning. Carl/Neil is the best bet for something warm and fuzzy, despite the age discrepancy issues that I'll get into behind the cut.

I have a major kink for erotic talk, with on character getting off on the distinctive voice of the other describing in depth what they might do to the other and the pleasure (or even pain) that may ensue. If any of the pairings are too problematic or squicky for an actual physical encounter, I'm always up for a good one-sided wank fantasy involving involving what ever level of angst, guilt, self-loathing etc. you may feel appropriate.

I realize ODAO and I want us both to have a lovely Yuletide.

Treats of any size are welcome.

And away we go:

Knot’s Landing
Greg Sumner
Mac Mackenzie

Read more...Collapse )

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow-Video-Bryan Ferry.
Older Man-"Bryan"
Younger Woman-"Anna Nicole"
Read more...Collapse )

The Wire
Jimmy McNulty
Kima Greggs
Warning: I SHIP IT!!!Collapse )

Space Exploration RPF
Carl Sagan
Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil and Carl

Problematic and Potential TriggersCollapse )


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