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Happy Pride Saturday!

For those following the Regina's daughter drama, I got a text msg from Regina advising "She's holding off for a week cuz his missionary parents went nuts."

Feel free to insert your own joke.

I know I said I was going to do the Pride Run this morning, but my friend Lowell called on Thursday to tell me he and his partner Herman would be in town for Pride and lets do brunch and karaoke.

Lowell moved back east ten years ago and I only get to see him about twice a year and I LOVE LOWELL. If I didn't have Hubby and Lowell didn't have Herman, I would definitely nominate Lowell as the gay man I would most like to marry to have someone to sing show tunes with. (Especially since my friend Rich has more or less disappeared from the Karaoke scene, which is just as well because I was TOTALLY obsessed with him for awhile, but that's another story.)

So we went to Luna and met them and got there JUST IN TIME to get a table for four.

OK, RSL fans, get ready to freak out---Herman & Lowell were actually AT THE TONY AWARDS---Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Afterwards we did a nice walk around the Mission/Castro area. It's an absolutely perfect day out. We walked them back up to Market Street so they can go down to Civic Center and check out some of the Pride booths. I'm going to meet them later at the Mint.
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