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Life in the City!

103PM and not a glimpse of sun peeking through the cloud cover. Nothing. Nada.

Last night we returned to Ti Couz, a restaurant that's been in the neighborhood almost as long as we have. They specialize in Breton-style crepes and I hadn't in a long time, mostly because I was being a stroppy bint about not enjoying it very much the last time we went...which had as much to do with my own food issues and bad preparation. The crepes are WONDERFUL, but they're incredibly RICH. So the only way to go is to make damn sure you're ravenous and do not be led astray by the whole "order an appetizer crepe AND a entree crepe AND a desert crepe" thing that they suggest in the menu. NO NO NO!

Make your first order the crepe you REALLY want for your entree, and you will still end up feeling stuffed, but at least you won't be cranky and refuse to go back for over 15 years.


This morning we went to the San Francisco Zen Center for a Dharma talk. It was a definite improvement over last time. For one thing we walked, so there was no bicycle stress involved, and for another it was a much more compelling speaker, had her ideas together and wasn't so desperately trying to tie the topical theme (Martin Luther King) into a Zen lecture. Although I will say that I thought her main metaphor "Jewels In The Darkness," the jewels being the pomegranate seeds in the story of Persephone and Demeter was slightly flawed. Wouldn't the seed represent "uh oh" you screwed up, rather than "yay, hope?"

Then we hit Chow for brunch. The oatmeal was the most perfectly satisfying thing imaginable on such a cold day.

There's a "Not Necessarly Noir" festival going on at the Roxie. I would really love to see Mirage and 13 West Street today, but I don't think hubby is up for it. However, I'm definitely planning to see some of the films on the nights when hubby is working. Especially The Strange One, which I haven't seen in years.
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