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Today was GORGEOUS

Like living in whole different City. Sunshine from about 8AM. Blue skies. Temps in the 80's. I got a really good 90 minute run/walk/run in and enjoyed a yummy bagel from Katz's. Got my Goddess Nails done. I'm not generally a fan of the bubble-gum pink shades, for fear of a nail/hair clasH, but somehow I couldn't resist an OPI shade called Tutti-Frutti Tonga.

Then I headed out for a walk up to the Castro to find the Dog of the Day and to pick up some groceries at Safeway on the way to the Mint. On 18th St, I saw a man in leather regalia, walking another man on a leash who was naked except for the leash, collar and a leather dog mask.

I did not get a picture. Sorry. I did say "good dog" and made a petting motion as I walked by, although I didn't actually touch the "dog."

The Imperial Court was at the Mint to host a sort of kick-off party for The Gay Games, but the drag queens were not a great karaoke audience, sorry to say. Mostly I just hung with my usual peeps at the bar. I did manage to nearly destroy my vocal chords trying to sing ALL the parts of You Can't Stop The Beat from Hairspray

I was wearing my Hawaiian shirt, so I was able to be part of the Hawaiian Shirt Cult today.


Fly-by TV Babble

Zoe/Zane? EWWWWWWWWWW!!!! No, it's not the age thing...remember, I hard-core ship Artie/Claudia over on Warehouse 13. It's just....yuck. Not because I'm all that concerned about Jo's broken heart. Just---visceral ick.

I think this show is starting to deteriorate because the "science" plots are getting so damn repetitious. In fact, that was kind of lamp-shaded this week by how quickly Jack knew what had happened, even if he didn't exatly WHAT had been rejiggered. In the meantime the soap opera aspect is taking over and while I like making my own ships, I don't want the whole plot to be about who's in love with who.

The Jack/Allison kiss was a nice pay-off, but with the casting spoilers, there's no point investing much in it.

On the other hand, Larry fanboying "Dr. Oldspice" to the point of pretty much offering to fuck him over a sink, had a certain adorable slash factor.

ETA: There's a very fine line between Crowning Moment Heart Warming and Cringe-Worthy and Henry, you just crossed it. On the other hand, the Henry/Jack scene which ended with them twinkling at each other reminded me that they were the first pairing I ever shipped on this show.

Was there a plot?
Aside from a welcome back to "HG Welles" and enjoying seeing Claudia getting a chance to be a "real agent" not so much. But there was one big ship fest:

Artie/Bionic Woman (I'm not convinced.)
Myka/Vet lady
Peter/Vet lady (really not convinced)
Myka/Peter (whatever!)
Pete/Artie? (better than the other options, except Artie/Claudia.)

Covert Affairs-Houses of the Holy.
YAWN. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Wake me when something interesting happens. (Especially if they gives Anne Dudek the chance to be awesome instead of pathetic.) Also-Allow me to feel insulted on behalf of Led Zeppelin for purloining of the title.
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