karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Heading out on a run...

Well a walk/run/walk/run/walk anyway, to make up for not doing the Pride Run Yesterday.

And here's another squeeeeeeee, this one for the Torchwood/Dr. Who contingent, among others.

When were walking around the glory that is Dolores Park on a sunny morning yesterday, I asked Herman nd Lowell if they'd heard of John Barrowman and they both went into multiple squeeeeeees and said they LOVED HIM, but they'd never heard of Torchwood. Turns out they saw him on Broadway in "Putting It Together" and he sang "Marry Me A Little" RIGHT AT THEM!!!!! In fact Herman claimed that John said something about how handsome Lowell was.

In more OMG I'm so jealousness, not only were they AT the Tony Awards, but Lowell also saw RSL in the play that he won the Tony for a few years back.

I could never, ever go back and live in NYC, and when I was on the East Coast, I didn't get to the theater that much anyway, but there are times where one has that delusion of living in New York (hahahah) and sort of being that person who goes to the theater and sees everything.

And then I remember how much I love San Francisco and head out to run up Potrero Hill and anjoy a beautiful day.

Karaoke list from Saturday
Handsome Man-Robbie Williams
Opus 17-The Four Seasons
Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa-(Lowell's favorite Gene Pitney song)
If I Can Dream-Elvis Presley (I think the Celine stink has worn off.)

P.S.-You know what really sucks? There's all these incredibly gorgeous people in town and I'm feeling like an utter troll due to a zit under my left nostril.
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