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Some Fic Recs

Thanks to fallen_arazil for the graphic.

All recs are NC17.

Hey, I like smut. You want Gen-recs talk to someone else.

All recs are at least tangentially House/Wilson

I'm round-heeled, but I'm still a member of the Truefaith.

Doubleheader by daasgrrl.
Wilson/Robin, House/Robin, House/Wilson UST
5700 words.

This is the infamous "pegging" fic, written and posted a few weeks after the first US showing of "Airborne" and following a dedicated campaign by antychan to get someone to write her dream scenario regarding Robin and Wilson.

It's got great in character House and Wilson and her creation of Robin takes up where the episode left off and gives us a fully rounded, sympathetic, character that I only wish had come back for at least one more episode.

There's a lot of hot here, but never PWP and thank you dear god in heaven, not a hint of fluff or schmoop. H/W at its stupid, screwed up finest.

2. How To Shoot At Someone Who OUtdrew You
12,000 words, but it goes quickly.
Written for the foreman_fest.

First of all, I can say from experience that Foreman is very tough to write and I think queenzulu does a stellar job here. What I really love about this story is how very different the dynamic is from threesome stories that involve either Chase or Cameron in the role of person who isn't House or Wilson.

From Foreman's first appearance on House's couch, this one goes in a different direction from what might be expected.

Again this story pushes both my smut buttons and my angst love. There's seriously hot sex and it doesn't fix anything which makes me very happy.

#3- Shatterproof by nakeno and recrudescence
House/Wilson House/Kalvin.
Some non-con issues at the beginning, but nothing that a H/W angst (leading to schmoop) fan wouldn't love.

My rec of this may surprise you who know a lot about me and my taste in fic.
It's poetic. It's nonlinear. It schmoops. There are multiple uses of Greg/Jimmy. (And there's not MUCH Kalvin if you wanted him.)

Never mind that. It's absolutely brilliant in both conception and execution starting from the first line.

The words and phrasing and rush and flow are mind-boggling. Most of the commenters talk about how they read it in a single breath and it definitely has that effect even though it's 17,150 words.

AND THE HOT!!!! OMFJG---the hot!!! (Especially IMAO the noncon bit, but that's just me.)

Despite being a collaboration it sings with a single perfectly pitched voice.
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