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The Top Ten Things I Loved About White Collar-The Prisoner's Dilemma

#1-Joe Morton a/k/a Henry from Eureka a/k/a Barack Obama Senator Wright from ,Role Model, making him our second House guest star to appear on White Collar in two weeks.

#2-Date night.

#3-Pot Roast

#4-The CI-off

#5-Neal/Jones---my new ship--- I demand fic!

#6-Mozzie’s safe house “Tuesday,” because I’m usually there on Wednesday

#7-Mozzie and Elizabeth

#8-The Prisoner’s Dilemma

#9-No Sara! (I like her, but I was happy not to see her this week.)

#10-J. Edgar Hoover was here.

Bonus----Neal/Bancroft going to the museum on a….date? Is he cheating on jones already? (Although I know it can’t last since Joe has to go back to his life of perpetual woobie-hood on Eureka.)
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