karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

The blessed fog rolled in last night.

Three days of temps close to the 90's was WAY TOO MUCH for my wimpy San Francisco blood. Yes, I know pretty much the rest of the country/world is snickering at me right now.

It was a delight to have finally get some sleep last night and have to bundle up in sweatshirts and a leather jacket to go to the gym this morning.

The news today is crap. The Wing-nuts are in full-on psychotic anti-Obama, anti-progressive gloat mode today, and pretty much the only think they consider a defeat is that John McCain actually won his primary.

It's been a few days of eating salads for lunch and really keeping the carbs and fats in some kind of check. Still having trouble with the night-eating, of course, and hating my body a lot as I acknowledge how much damage I did during the last few months of binging, EVEN when I was doing the 30 days of cardio. Virtually nothing smaller than a size 16 fits. It's depressing. I hope I can hold out and not go into the dumpster over the weekend.
Tags: exercise, food, journal, politics, weather

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