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Covert Affairs-Communication Breakdown

Blind guy gets his own episode, and Covert Affairs drops their obligatory Comic-Con reference. We got insulted by a bunch of stereotypes about hackers. Our intrepid “heroine” gets to play with the idiot ball some more and acts like a stroppy bint. Sorry Augie, you’re not Cary Grant and this is NOT North by Northwest. Your angsty door-banging doesn’t impress me either. If I have to see one more cute sister scene, I’m going to vomit. This show needs to die an ignominius death as soon as possible. No I’m not even impressed with angsty Auggie whoring himself for the CIA. About the only thing I’m marginally warming up to is Sendhil’s accent, just because I’m generally inclined to like him and he’s the only person (along with Peter Gallagher) who isn’t a sanctimonious cretin.

It should be noted that the only reason I’m writing about this is that my husband claims he actually likes the show. However, when the blind guy was shtupping the reporter and I asked if that was the same chick that Peter Gallagher was canoodling with, he had NO IDEA what I was talking about. I don’t think he’s actually paying that much attention.

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