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Weekend highlights


Bug bombing the bed-room to try and eradicate whatever's been nibbling on my ankles, so we went out to brunch at Maverick, another restaurant that sort of fell off our standard list for various reasons, including general pretentiousness about asking what KIND of water we wanted. Also some of the meals had be less than stellar.

Saturday's brunch definitely put them back in a good graces. I had a "Summer Salad" omelet with squash, zucchinni, frisee and goat cheese and hubby had pork bellies with pico de gallo on a tortilla...I know it's sounds like...ewwwww, but it was sculptural and amazing.

We headed down to the Westfield Centre to mosey around and kill time. I ended up getting some much need new Crocs, both in a more office-acceptable style, rather than the ol skool neon colored clown shoes that have gotten me in so much trouble.

We also stopped by Bloomies to buy hubby a new coffee grinder and to mock the $799.00 Nespresso Maker ON SALE!!!!

Then we went to the movies and saw....Eat, Pray, Love. Frankly my first choice would have been anything else, but Despicable Me wasn't playing until 5. Lewis Black pretty much says it all Right here, but it should be noted that if the idea of spiritual quest as food and scenery porn was slightly offensive on the page, it's twice as bad on screen when every note of the score and every frame of film is practically screaming "It's Julia Roberts and you must love her" and the "buying bigger jeans" scene is completely subverted to basically tell us that even if Julia Roberts actually had a muffin top, she'd still be skinnier than you will ever be in your life.

Richard Jenkins as Richard from Texas, appears to be channeling late period Dennis Hopper and his part is such blatantly written Oscar-bait that I'll put in a bet on his nomination for best supporting actor right now.

Perhaps the one thing that should be noted is the appearance in a few scenes of Mike O'Malley (who plays Kurt's dad on Glee) in a few scenes.

Headed home, put away laundry, aired out (hopefully) debugged bedroom and went food shopping.

Watched Eureka-The Ex-Files

I really liked this episode, mostly because of the snarky fun had by the "hallucinations." It should be noted that Tess is a lot more interesting in Allison's mind then she ever was as a real character and WELCOME BACK NATHAN!!!! Even if it is a cheat a la "Dead Amber." I was willing to take it for the fun because much as I used to ship Jack/Henry, let's face it, Jack/Nathan are the hottest couple when it comes to hate!sexy subtext and this episode seemed determined to let that all hang out, plus give us some deliciously ripped Ed Quinn shots, even if that was lampshaded.

I will say that even if it's Fargo's hallucination, I'm not necessarily comfortable with a 10-year old character (and actress) saying "Grow a pair."


Gorgeous day. Got up for a six mile run/walk/run, including doggie picture stops. Bagel from Katz's and much needed nap.

Karaoke-very small, mellow crowd. I hung with Daddy Dave, Jim the bartender, Donatello, Brendan, Manny C, Jun, Rob and Sebastian, but there were never more than 6 or 7 people singing most of the time, so I decided to make it "New Song Sunday" and either try new stuff or songs I'd given up on, leading to a rather eclectic mix:

1. The Message-Grand Master Flash
2. No Woman No Cry-Bob Marley
3. Don't Rain On My Parade-Bobby Darin
4. Romeo-Mr. Big
5. Speak Like A Child-Style Counsel
6. Little Ol' Wine Drinker Me-Dean Martin

Went home with KFC for hubby and we watched a bunch of 4th Series Hustle episodes.

Woke up with VERY STIFF LEGS

And upon arrival at work this morning---client bitching about last row seat, even though it was an aisle. Totally my fault, since I didn't notice and didn't advise.

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