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Mini Pimp Post

I haven't had a lot of fic-reading time lately, so not much to share, but here's a few things.

In case you missed it:

Almost As Good, hllangel's very sweet White Collar fic, written before last week's episode and promptly Jossed, but still well-written and worth a peek.

My posting of the Celebrity Crush Meme. Posted on a Friday, which means it pretty much fell into the Weekend Vortex. Lots of pictures and some disturbing insights into my taste in celebrity crushes.


For political junkies, especially of the MSNBC stripe, please check out chicating's postings at Daily Kos : http://chicating.dailykos.com/



Forget The World by nakeisha
A nifty little dialogue only ficlet for my OTP.


Life On Mars/Ashes to Ashes

severinne recently placed the "Stump The Author" meme and ended up having to write some drabbles. I requested "Gene Genie angst w/booze, maybe post-LoM Pre-A2A"
and got THIS, which fills the bill to perfection. Go. Read. Give Love.
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