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Unless I end up getting divorced tomorrow....

In which case it will be Glenn Beck's fault.

I didn't want to watch Keith or Rachel tonight, since I didn't want to see any coverage of The Beckoning, and all the attendant Obama-bashing, so I decided to try and watch as much of Profit as I could. Hubby watched the Pilot and the 2nd episode with me, but didn't seem too enthused about seeing the rest, so I figured I'd get it done while he was working this week. I also planned to do some beta work and type up a lot of my writing on the next chapter of The Novel.

However, since I'm a dork, I couldn't get the DVD player to work, so I figured I'd use hubby's computer to play the DVD, and I picked up his computer the way I pick up my own, which is to say from the top and not very gently. I didn't SEE or HEAR anything crack, but there is now a white line down the center of his screen and the speakers don't appear to be working.

I was a good girl and told Hubby when he called tonight. I can tell he's not happy, but I told him that if we needed to get him a new computer (on installment) as his present for our anniversary, so be it.
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