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I got polled last night.

I used to do market research, so whenever possible I try to do a survey when someone calls asking because I know what hard job it is. And of course, I'm a political junkie, so doing a political one is generally interesting. This was a particularly blatant attempt at "push polling" where the goal is clearly NOT to get ones existing opinion on an issue, but rather to push the respondent into having an opinion by giving them "information" about the issue or person.

Memo to whichever organization is trying to defeat Props J & K, which deal with taxing hotel bookings made through on-line services:

1. I understand that you need to hire a centralized company to do the polling, however IF you are going to have a firm in NY do the polling about a local San Francisco issue, you should at least make sure your researchers can pronounce Gavin Newsom's name.

2. Really guys? You couldn't be more subtle than that? This was the first time I'd actually experienced "push polling" and I couldn't believe it was this blatant. I honestly hadn't believed that the Bush campaign had made calls in the North Carolina primaries in 2000, basically stating AS FACT that John McCain had an illegimate black child, in the guise of "polling" to get people's opinions about this "fact," but having been through this poll in which I was essentially told AS A FACT that passing the propositions would "destroy San Francisco's tourism industry," I now very definitely believe it.

3. Obviously you can't control who the firm you're using hires, but you might want to have the monitors there do some monitoring just to make sure that the interviewers are enunciating. I KNOW reading this stuff is a bitch. I know the survey is long (and full of shit) and that the longer it goes on the more afraid you are that the respondent is going to hang up and make it that much harder for you to make quota on the survey. However racing through it, combined with the interviewer not enunciating and having some kind of accent as well, made it virtually impossible to understand the propaganda she was trying to sell me and I had to keep asking her to repeat herself, merely prolonging the agony.

4. A hearty fuck you! Even if I hadn't been intending to vote for the propositions, I certainly am now.
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