karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Am I Bovvered?

To tell you the truth, not really.

Mostly I just dislike the idea of LJ crawling into bed with Facebook because I really enjoy being extremely elitist and superior about NOT being on Facebook. But I am on Twitter and aside from the Dog-a-Day pictures, it's hard to have any defense against the banality I'm contributing to there.

So honestly...if you actually feel any need to take something I've said here to Facebook or Twitter, be my guest. Mostly I'll just be curious to see what it is and who decided to do it.

I do have a Dreamwidth account under the same name, so if you decide to abandon LJ entirely OR keep your commenting over there, I'll be able to follow you there, but I'm currently NOT in the habit of checking my circle.

There's pretty much a glut of Dreamwidth codes on market right now, but I have some if anybody wants.

I was working on a metaphor of wishing something nasty on LJ for Social Network Slutting around, but since I'm not dumping them on account of it, the metaphor kind of broke down. Also, someone would probably call me out for slut-shaming, when in fact I'm extremely slut supportive.

Obviously I have no intention of cross-posting anybody else's stuff. It wouldn't even occur to me.
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