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K-Gal's Marriage Meme-20th Anniversary Countdown

Today's the day guys! By this time, 20 years ago today, I was Mrs. Mr. K-Gal.

We've been spending a whole lot of baksheesh this weekend with more to come. So far I've gotten a really nice new stainless steel pan from William Sonoma to replace the one I destroyed (twice) by flaking out because I got wrapped up in fanfic beta while cooking Rice-a-Roni with disastrous results. The new pan is AWESOME and made an excellent batch of innaugural Rice-A-Roni.

I'm also the proud owner of a new cell-phone, the Samsung Gravity 3, and I'm soon to be the recipient of a new computer, a 17-inch screen, Dell Studio. I had the cell-phone coming since my contract had run out and my old piece of shit was a piece of shit, but I hardly think I deserve a NEW computer as a reward for killing my husband's.

You may remember This incident. Obviously, he should get a new computer, but for some odd reason, I seem to be getting one too. I know 17 inches is a biggie, but I need something that my rapidly deteriorating eyes can contend with and something pretty sturdy given my tendency to abuse my electronics.

And to top off the festivities, we've got a reservation for tonight at Gary Danko, a restaurant so far out of our usual realm that we needed to take a trip up to Haight Street for some vintage shopping to get hubby a jacket and slacks. (I hadn't realized how badly his wardrobe had deteriorated.)

I had an Odwalla shake at noon, and now I'm trying to make sure I don't eat until it's time to go so I'm hungry enough to appreciate the meal...but not too hungry to appreciate it. It's one thing to be nuts with food and another to be nuts when a very expensive dinner is on the line.

I've procured an amazing present for hubby, but you'll all hear about that after I spring it on him.

And now, the finale of the Marriage Meme!

From dref22: Was there an actual proposal? Or did it just happen?

Well, we were talking about living together pretty much from the first date, and we got our apartment together in the first six months, but actually getting engaged was a bigger step...in fact the first time he asked me to marry him, I sort of said, YES, BUT...only if we lived together first to make sure we could live together. I knew I loved him, but I wasn't sure we could live together.

Sometime after the first six months of living together, he asked me to marry him officially with a ring. I don't remember the date, but I do know he popped the question at 221-B Baker St, a bar at the top of the Holiday Inn on Union Square, that was done up in the style of a Victorian Pub and used to be the home of the San Francisco Chapter of the Baker St. Irregulars. (Their pipes were on display.) He had coffee, I had a club soda. He did the whole "on one knee" thing. I said yes...then I had to run off for a dinner with a bunch of my family who were in town, so I was very excited to tell them everything.

The Holiday Inn became a Crowne Plaza and they closed the bar. Now it's a Marriott, so there's no trace of the place where I got engaged. The Cajun restaurant where I had dinner with my family is gone too, as is Lotus Garden where we had the the Kosher, Vegetarian Chinese food, and a lot of the restaurants we ate in together over the years.

But we're still together.

nakeisha asks What do you remember most about your wedding?

I pretty much covered the wedding HERE, but I will say I have a very lovely memory of us going for a ride afterwards. One of my aunt and uncle's friend's had a Lincoln Towncar and served as a sort of ad hoc limo driver, taking us for a ride around town and down to Fort Point for some calm togetherness time after the ceremony and before the Chinese food, which was really nice.

And finally, from photoash, If you had to do it all over again - would you do it the same way?

Hell to the yeah!
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