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Some fly-by TV Babble

Am I the only one profoundly offended that all these years after Turnabout Intruder on Star Trek: TOS, this is STILL how they're playing gender switches? Would it have been so horrible to give either Myka or Pete just a HINT of interest or fascination with the "love interest" they had to face in the other body? REALLY? Did they have to have each one play EWWWWWWWW!!!! THIS ISN'T HOT AT ALL BECAUSE I AM SOOOOOOOOOOO HETEROSEXUAL that loudly.

Also, I'm very sorry to say that neither of the actors was up to it, and that Joanne Kelly was especially lame. If she was being directed to be playing that much of a stereotypical lunk, than it was a poor choice, because Pete isn't actually like that.

This was especially annoying, because it was totally awesome to see my OTP of Artie and Claudia in the field together and I loved the way that Saul Rubinek played "infatuated Artie." That plot was fun, well-written, well-acted and for Warehouse 13, kind of made sense. I even liked him leaving her cuffed at the end, although my kinky mind said he came back later and...never mind.

Again with the Led Zeppelin title, which seems to be a recurring theme that leads nowhere. I'll admit to kind of almost enjoying this episode. It was fun to see Annie getting treated like the pathetic idiot she actually is and everybody else totally jerking her around and wielding all the power. Kari Matchett got some good bad-ass in, and I might give Sendhil and Blind Guy a chance as a slash pairing.

Yum. Yum yum. And more Yum Yum. Plus Griffin Dunne. Jeeze they're selling the slashy fanservice, but it's impossible not get sucked in. The Neal saving Peter was just crazy in love stuff.

Meanwhile, Diana/Mozzie? A Love Supreme folks. Even when there's no sexual subtext to be found, everyone on this show seems to have chemistry with everybody else. (Kind of like Heroes at its best, which is especially amusing, since the title of this episode is one letter away from being a total still of one of my favorite Heroes eps.)

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