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Anniversary presents....

Aside from the frying pan, the new computer and the new cell phone, this is my "Official 20th Anniversary Present" from my husband:

My 20th anniversary present from Hubby. It's a gorgeous ... on Twitpic

(Click for bigger picture)

It's a silver, art-nouveau broach, which hubby insists reminds him of me. He says it actually looks like me because of the hair.

In return I got us tickets to this:

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Which I only found out about on Sunday night, when Daddy Dave mentioned it to me at the Mint. It's going to be an amazing show, with Nick singing Elvis and Elvis singing Nick.

The plan was to surprise hubby by having hllangel email him a copy of that graphic which he would then see on his Blackberry when I told him to check email. Unfortunately the image was too much for a puny little Blackberry so he couldn't see it until we got home

I'm going to do one more post about our anniversary dinner and then I promise I will STFU about it already.
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