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Coming to you live...

From my brand new, shiny Dell lap top computer.
Goodbye to my ancient, computer-saurus which was running
(wait for it) Windows 98! Can you imagine?
Hubby actually got it for me for HIS birthday. I'm not sure how that works exactly, except that it will be a gift for him NOT to hear me whining about my computer all the time. Or it means that he doesn't lose me to the living room where the computer is, if he wants to watch TV in the bedroom while I'm working on something. I call it Romeo.
After non-fun, non-relaxing vacation, I had to go to the regional office early on Monday for my job review. When I joined my agency, they were in the middle of a freeze on salary increases which just ended. I could tell that Bubbles was trying really hard to not make me sound as inept as I am. She was able to use a lot of weasel words to gloss over the bad points. She also kept trying to re-assure me that I will be getting back up so that I won't be over-whelmed so that I'll stop screwing up. I think she's kidding herself. By the end of the week she was hiring temps just to cover holes in the region's staffing.

So I came into my office in a state of high dudgeon and started ragging on Ray who'd been subbing for me. Co-worker Dianna tried to defend him because they'd been so busy. I just couldn't stop bitching and she couldn't stop defending so she thought I was attacking her and ran out in a tearful huff. She came back, but it was a long cold day in the office. I eventually groveled and bought her See's chocolates and things got back to semi-normal.
The next day we named that aspect of my personality "Helen" because I lash out blindly like Helen Keller in the early scenes of "The Miracle Worker".

By the end of the week, I just wanted to lie on the floor of the office in a fetal position and cry. And when I got out last night, guess what kiddies? It was raining again.

So it turns out, I'm getting a 3% raise.

Be still my beating heart.
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