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My Anniversary Dinner W/ Hubby At Gary Danko

FOOD PORN AHEAD!!! Pictures and prose behind the cut. May be triggering for people with food issues. Click at your own risk.

This was probably the best meal we've ever had with a level of service that we're not really accustomed to either. I think the moment that best summed out just how out of our league we were, was when the table next to us was having trouble reading the menu in the dim light and they brought a SELECTION of glasses with magnifying lenses to help them out. Also, every time hubby got up to go to the bathroom, a guy came over and REFOLDED HIS NAPKIN. But the service was NOT annoying or hovery, and our courses showed up perfectly timed so we had a little digestion time between each one.

We each did the summer tasting menu, because frankly the idea of actually making decisions in the face of that menu was more than I could handle and I wanted as many different things as possible, but did hit an appetite wall around the time the cheese showed up.

As I mentioned we "dressed up" so that we felt like adults and were able to appreciate the sophistication of what we were eating as opposed to treating it like an annex of our kitchen which is how we treat most of our local places.

Amuse-bouche: Gazpacho
I didn't get the full froofy description of all the ingredients in this but it was amazing. Just a light, delicious starter with a real complexity of flavors beyond your regular chilled gazpacho. (Arnold Rimmer eat your heart out.)

Glazed Oysters with Osetra Caviar Zucchini pearls and lettuce cream.
This is where the gustatory orgasms really started.
Back when we ate at Firefly, I mentioned that my entree was a bit salty. This dish was salty as well, but in a totally different way. Each element was salty in a completely natural, organic way with no added salt necessary. As awesome as the oysters and caviar were, I gotta say, I never though a bit of zucchini would be a little slice of heaven in and of itself. The only sad part was that it was only four oysters.

Horseradish crusted salmon medallion with dulled cucumbers and mustard sauce.

If there was even a hint of a weak link, it would be this. It was perfect, but somehow not completely transcendent AND I think skipping this course would have kept me from hitting the appetite wall when I did...but it was still amazing, and I'm generally not the biggest horseradish fan in the world.

Seared filet of beef with yukon potatoes zucchini mushrooms chard and tomato eggplant confit.

This is where the porn gets super hot and heavy and purple prose-ish.
Red meat is one of my purest vices and even though they told us this would be cooked "medium rare" it was a beautiful bloody red on the inside and perfectly tender throughout. Hubby was comparing this to one prime-rib he had in Hawaii many years ago as the best piece of meat he's ever had. I was trying not to swoon, and fighting off the feeling of being full, knowing the cheese and desert was yet to come.

(I'm stealing a picture here, but this is exactly what it looked like.)

A selection of farmhouse and artisanal cheeses.
I couldn't get a good picture, but the cart came out with over 20 cheeses and as part of the tasting menu you get to pick four. Again, I abrogated all responsibility and told Darrin to pick a selection for me which he did, including a "Roaring 40's Blue Cheese" and a soft, cow's milk cheese that literally melted in my mouth.

Baked chocolate souffle with two sauces.

Soft and fluffy and rich and warm and moist...but I was really getting too full to do more than tease it's velvety folds depths.

And then:

There were a lot of these being doled out around the room. Clearly this place is big with the anniversary crowd. It was some kind of cheese-cake maybe mango? I don't know. It had a nice tang, but I was one toke over the line sweet Jesus at this point and only made a few tentative nibbles. There was also a tray of beautiful little cookies that I tried as well.

There are few times in fanfic porn or real life where I think the word sated has any right to be used. This is one of them. The original plan was for a romantic post-dinner walk along the bay, but we made it about a block before grabbing a cab to go home and crash.

K-gal & Hubby, on the verge of going home and falling into a food-delirium coma.
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