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I found a heart on BART. Plot bunny available for adoption.

So I get on BART this morning, in my usual semi-comatose pre-gym state and I find a heart on my seat. A small, metallic (maybe silver plate?) heart with a red stone in it. There was also a matching key. They looked like bracelet charms including the little latch that holds the charm to the rest of the bracelet. They looked a little nicer than gumball machine tchatkes and I didn’t know if they’d been accidentally lost or ripped off the bracelet in a fury, so I turned them in to lost and found.

Anyway---a heart and the key to it, being lost or found or deliberately dropped…it all struck me as fodder for some kind of story. Maybe a flashfic? Fanfic? Original short story?

I’m up to my arse in water moccasins right now, so I offer this one to anyone who wants it. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

(Just let me know if you come up with anything.)


Admin calls to see if the flight is still going because he heard that other flights on Northwest were being canceled. I check the computer and his flight looks ok, but I check the flight info on the earlier flight in the market that day and I read this :


No flight crew available?????

I've heard of flights canceled for weather, mechanical, bomb threat, and ATC problems, but never NO FLIGHT CREW AVAILABLE.

Were they eaten by the zombies?

Turns out, according to a Northwest employee (who said it's not official, he only heard it through the grapevine), that it's because they've been working the crews so hard that they're all maxed out on overtime and legally can't work anymore.

So I protected him on a flight to LAX. Keep your fingers crossed and get me a sedative.

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