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Jools-lust on BBC America last night. Spooks/MI5 babble

They showed Traitor's Gate and Rosebed Memoirs back-to-back. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Not that I NEED to see it on BBC America. I have the DVDs. I can watch the eps anytime I need a Jools-fix, but it was fun to see them by accident while I was home typing last night. I'm assuming these are the same versions that were originally shown on A&E to make room for commercials and cover up the bad language. Since I've got the eps more or less memorized, I could see the cuts really clearly, especially the one where Peter Solter says, "Fuck you, Tom Quinn."

I've just started the 4th series on DVD and I'm finding it pretty lack-luster compared with the 1st and 2nd series and especially the 1st. Not one character they brought in as a threat or foil even comes close to what Hugh did in those two episodes. Oliver Mace was scary, but just not as much fun, although the trivia maven in me loves the Blackadder connection.

I wanted to smack Tom upside the head on many occasions, but I can't say that Adam is a vast improvement. Zaff, at this point only makes me miss Danny that much more. And missing Danny makes me miss Zoe. And Tom, damn it.

I am going to finish my Jools/Danny trilogy to cover the events of the third season.

The ONLY reasons I'm continuing with the show on DVD are Ruth/Harry and Colin/Malcolm. (I'm not shipping Colin and Malcolm, I just think of them together in terms of why I like the show.)

Other DVD watching-
Still on 1st season of Bones. It's easily digestible, I'll say that. blueashke, there will be fic for x-mas.

First two eps of Carnivale. Right now it feels like weird for the sake of weird and given my Twin Peaks trauma, I'm a little edgy about the whole thing. Thank god for TWoP to tell me what was really going on, because I'm pretty clueless.
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