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The Desk Of Doom Presents: Monday Morning Pimp Post

Just a reminder that I have Dreamwidth codes, if anyone's interested for whatever reason.



Love The Van
Now that the White Collar summer season is over, we have a few months to digest the most recent canon developments. This is the place to share your thinky thoughts thoughts about Neal, Peter, El, Mozzie, Diana, Jones, Satchmo, et al.

Dogs In General. If you enjoy the Dog-a-Day pictures and you're looking for more pupppppppeeeeee love, this might be a good join for you. I found it in the LJ "Spotlight" two weeks ago. There's pictures and lots of dog-talk.

PPTH_SUPPORT-The Unusual Suspects
Looking for fic about the supporting characters and Guest Stars of House MD.
Not-quite weekly drabble challenges for each episode.


Blog Pimping

Chicating's Diary a the Daily Kos. For those who lean progressive and especially towards the love of MSNBC. Most recent column is a great analysis of Eugene's Robinson's appearance on the Rachel Maddow show following Haley Barbour's outrageous act of Historical Revisionism about the Civil Rights movement and the South.

RoByn Thompson Art
Art and personal observations from an old friend who has recently come back into my life.



White Collar

Occam's Razor by hllangel.

Written for the White Collar Big Bang. Awesome first-time fic, with all the angst, worry, doubt and eventual joy and release a first-time fic should have. Peter/Neal, with plenty of HOT Peter/El along the way. Yeah, it's a biggie, but also a quick read. NC17

Breaking Point by lefaym
On the other side of the length spectrum. Nice and angsty, but manages to skirt the edge of woobie-ing Neal. Post-In The Red, mostly Peter/Neal. Rating-R


RPF-Star Trek Reboot

Karl Urban/Bruce Greenwood/OFC

You Belong To Me by babykid528.

This won't be everyone's cup of tea. Most of the contact and attention is from the men toward the OFC, rather than anything overtly slashy, so definitely NOT RPS, per se. Some hot imagery with a D/s relationship and hints of BDSM. Could be your kink or not, but if you think it is, give it a try.


30 Rock

Darling, Can You Hear Me, S.O.S. (Or, This Was A Lot Sexier When It Happened On The Nanny) by dollsome
This is totally hilarious and delicious crack, which reads like something that could (and should) happen on the show.


Dr. Who/Torchwood

All That Hopping (A Multi-Dimensional Love Story) by magicllaw
Rose Tyler/Gwen Cooper
WHOAH! (I think it was rose_cat who recced this to me. If it was, thank you!)
A great timey, wimey, wibbly, wobbly, mind-fucking with hint of femslash story.


House MD

The Prodigal Son by sunset_my_house.
A batch of lovely ol' skool style Chase-centric drabbles full of religious and daddy issues as well as conflicted sexuality. Includes more recent canon, so not JUST retro. Good stuff all around. I miss THIS show and THIS Chase.
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