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One week till House comes back. I can't say I'm looking forward to it, but I will be there with House babble.

Watch out for spoilers-click at your own risk.

Great episode which really played up the things I love about the show while also highlighting a few weaknesses.
Certain things were just not believable. I was willing to go with the stupidity of Neal trying to con Peter YET AGAIN, on the “Kate make Neal do stupid things” argument, but NOT the crap with the gun and threatening to kill Fowler. Mostly because it was asking too much of Matt Bomer. I think he’s a good actor and he’ll make a great light comedian if he gets into some big-screen movies, but the artfully touseled hair did NOT for a minute convince me he was distraught, willing to kill etc. He just doesn’t have the jobs to sell that, at least not as it was written.
Also not terribly impressed by the flying on the banner stunt, although I did like the song they used.
On the other hand, NoahEmmerich as Fowler was completely believable. I felt his pain, remorse, anger and self-loathing. When he said “You want to kill me, Caffrey? Go ahead and pull the trigger.” I completely saw a man with nothing left to lose, but who still had self knowledge and even bitter humor about the situation. Seriously, I want to ship him with someone, because damn, that was some ACTING.
The other problem is an inherent contradiction in why I like the show. It IS fluff. They’re never going to let anything really bad happen to a main character. You can kill Kate because she was never a real character, just a plot point for Neal. You can kill quirky Asian guy in antique shop because he’s just a plot point to show how bad the big bad is. But Neal is NOT going to pull the trigger and go back to jail. Fowler is NOT going to be the “real” big bad, because then the plot would be over, and NO WAY IN HELL IS MOZZIE DEAD. This ain’t Spooks. It ain’t even Torchwood. It’s a cute, fluffy, happy place show, which is fine, but it means you can’t really convince me anything serious is going on. I won’t buy it.

OK, this is just getting offensive. Human rights abuses in Iran are now fodder for sit-com bullshit to remind us again how much better Annie is than all the people she works with ?
Also, is it me, or are they toning down Anne Dudek’s hair to make Piper look “blonder” and therefore presumably more bombshellicious by comparison.

Artie rocks the hat!
Claudia acts like an idiot around useless Todd. I was so sure they were setting him up to be gay or mistaken for gay. I supposed we should be grateful they didn’t pull that trope out, but what’s the point of bringing him back in a failed attempt to derail my OTP, only to send him away again? Did they need to validate Claudia in some way, so we wouldn’t think a regular guy could actually dump her? WTF.
Also…well, I like HG, because I like Jaime Murray, so I hope she does get to stick around, although Artie pouting about it isn’t terribly attractive.
Kudos to the show for letting a Jewish character be Jewish and touching at least somewhat seriously on the Soviet period and the VERY REAL and VERY SERIOUS human rights abuses that were suffered, especially by the Jews. (Glares at Covert Affairs.)

Oh, the Doctor would not approve of this AT ALL. Timey wimey, wibbly wobbly ALL OVER THE PLACE.
Also…you know, Beverly just doesn’t work for me as a Big Bad or a Magnificent Bastard, so all her EEEEEEEEVIL Machinations don’t impress me much.
Why does Trevor have to leave? If he’s got all that Johnson & Johnson money, couldn’t he hang out and do the research he loves on his own time? Or is he hiding from Beverly? Or can he not stand to hang around now that Jack and Allison are lovey dovey?
I’m confused, to the extent that I care.
As a finale? LAME!
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