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"Passion, Jealousy & Hate" House MD Rating-PG13 Stalker Chick Fic

Title: Passion, Jealousy and Hate
Fandom: House MD
Characters: Ali (a/k/a Stalker Chick), House/Cuddy, very barely implied House/Wilson.
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 900
Notes: Written for ppth_support-The Unusual Suspects, drabble challenge for "Lines In The Sand." Clearly the "drabble" bit got away from me. Thanks to hllangel for walking me back from the Purple Prose Precipice.
Spoilers: A little bit for the end of Season 6 and potentially for 7.
Warnings: If you've got a House/Cuddy allergy, you might need a Benedryl.
Summary: Ali is a bit slow on the uptake.

In her junior year at Montclair, Ali took a film course, hoping for an easy A and some time to zone out in the back of the classroom while the movie was playing. She was actually busy texting her friend Stephanie about meeting up at the Rathskeller when she heard some oddly familiar words.

I'm saying it because it's true. Inside of us, we both know you belong with Victor.

She shook her head, remembering that whole totally embarrassing thing with the gimpy doctor and how badly she’d wanted to do him and how he’d shut her down and then claimed she’d just had some spores in her brain, which was still the grossest thing ever, but they’d given her some pills and she had stopped thinking about him all the time, although to be honest it took awhile. But wait a minute, if he was quoting this stupid movie, it meant he was just making stuff up to get rid of her. And it was clear that the guy in the movie was crazy about that woman so that meant House had been in love with her all along. She’d never believed that stupid thing about the spores anyway.

It took less than an hour to get from Montclair to Princeton since she didn’t care about the speed-limit or the Sociolinguistics class she was blowing off. She had to tell Dr. House that she understood now, and that she had no interest whatsoever in getting on a plane with Victor, because dude, Victor was boring, she wanted to stay in Casablanca, or at least in Princeton with him. They were meant to be together. Especially now that she was way over 17.

The parking garage and halls of the hospital were still clear in her memory. She could vividly remember sitting on Greg’s bike, wishing he would take her away with him, somewhere she could sit and listen as he said funny things to her, making her laugh at other people’s stupidity, and knowing that only she truly understood him. She’d imagined herself running a hands over his face, feeling the rough stubble against her skin, dreamed of him pushing her down…taking her.

Three years ago felt like yesterday and now that she was so much older, she knew she’d be ready for him, and he’d be thrilled to see her.

She took the elevator up to his office, returning there as though in a dream, because she’d fantasized about it so many times, how she’d sit on his desk, teasing him with her legs, and then sit on his lap. She’d known vaguely that his leg would hurt, but in her mind, none of that mattered. She was his soul-mate so it would be ok. In fact, she could see it now, hear his rough voice whispering something incredibly witty in her hear, see his hand gently cradling the back of her neck…

Only she wasn’t a brunette.

At she thought it must be that Dr. Cameron, who’d given her the stink-eye so many times while she and Greggy were sneaking around Casablanca together, but as she got closer to the office she could she that bitch, Dr. Cuddy, the one who’d actually had her thrown out of the hospital, and continually challenged her right to love Greggy, the one who’d called her that horrible word: stalker. And there the bitch was, blatantly sitting on her boyfriend’s lap, her head on his shoulder and a smug smile on her face.

Ali thought she was going to barf, or scream or cry, or something, anything, to get his attention, let him know that she was here, finally, that she understood he’d had to say those things, that he didn’t mean any of them, that there were no damn spores.

Then she saw the look on his face. It was exactly the way she’d thought he’d look when they were together, because she was the one who could make him…

Happy. He looked happy with Dr. Cuddy.

What had he said when he looked in her eyes and thought they were milky?


He looked up and smiled. For one last second, she thought he was sending her a single to wait for him to get Dr. Cuddy off his lap and out of his office, but she heard something like a grim sigh coming from in back of her. She turned around to see a man in a lab coat, he looked almost as unhappy to see Greg with Dr. Cuddy as she was, and it was pretty clear that Greg’s smirk was meant for him. Not only was he happy with that bitch, he was showing it off. That’s why he was sitting there where anyone could see him.

What a creep!

She ran. There were halls and elevators and nurses and some old guy on crutches that she nearly knocked over and none of it mattered. She needed to get out of there. Get back to school. Go to the Rathskellar and maybe talk to that boy from her Coming of Age Themes in Modern Literature class who’d said that funny thing about Faulkner that she couldn’t quite remember, but liked the way he said it.

She wanted to forget she’d ever seen Dr. Greg House, or ever thought she loved him, because she certainly hadn’t. Never. Never. Never.

It must have been the spores after all.
Tags: fanfic, house md, house/cuddy, housefic

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