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Work Weirdness

So my nemesis, Donna points her pokey little nose into my office yesterday and starts babbling about some letter that someone wrote about me. I have no idea what she's talking about but she says it's really good and acts like she's really happy. A while later Bubbles forwards me the email.
Now before you read this, if anyone is out there, keep in mind...I SUCK! I'm not good at my job. (Think clinic patient from Pilot episode "I just don't like being told what to do.") My ambition in life is to do as little work as possible while getting my paycheck. I spend all day reading my LJ friends page and working on smut. And you'll need a puke bucket because this thing just defines the work "fulsome". Obviously I've changed names. Much as I pray to get fired and go on unemployment for a while, I'd rather this not be the reason.

Here it is...


As I sit here looking at the survey card to complete for KARAOKEGAL, I
find that there is just not enough room on the card to say all there is to

First, when I rate my overall experience with KARAOKEGAL from a 1-10 a 10 just
isn't enough. KARAOKEGAL provides me with 150% every time I deal with her. My
attorney is a fairly heavy traveler. Let me also tell you that he is VERY
heavy travel plan changer. With his heavy client load and his heavy firm
administrative load (he Co-Chairs the firm's Transactions Department
worldwide), his travel plans are determined by his schedule demands, which
can change by the minute. All of that being said, KARAOKEGAL never flinches
when I call and/or email her with changes upon changes to his travel.
KARAOKEGAL ALWAYS goes the extra mile to provide MR. CRANKY with the best hotel
accommodations and any other accommodations to make his travel pleasant.

When I call the Travel line in SF, I rarely have to leave a message when
KARAOKEGAL is in the office.** If I ever leave a message, the call is returned
promptly. I prefer to email KARAOKEGAL with travel needs (time permitting),
this way there is no questions about what I'm looking for or the details
needed. KARAOKEGAL knows this about me and she is very prompt with return

I had previously used Revel Travel at our firm before making the switch
over to CURRENT EMPLOYER. I had been fairly happy with the agent I used at Revel. Unfortunately, that agent had to be out due to health issues and was very unhappy with the service I received with the other agents. Thus, the
reason I decided to give CURRENT EMPLOYER a try. It is always a bit of a challenge to develop a relationship with an agent (at least for me it is). They need to get to know the traveler and the traveler's needs, quirks, etc. KARAOKEGAL picked up on all of these things quite quickly. I believe this shows what a true professional she is.

Knowing KARAOKEGAL is there to meet my travel needs, makes my life so much
simpler and happier.

Thank you,

**I wanted you to know that when KARAOKEGAL was recently out of the office for
a week, I had to leave repeated voice messages before I got a return call.
I'm not sure if this is a normal travel office call return or if I am just
spoiled by KARAOKEGAL.

So now I'm totally paranoid, because in my experience, just when I'm basking in the glow from something like this, I manage to commit some horrible snafu hit rock bottom all over again.
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