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House MD casting spoiler

Maybe I'm the last one to know, but I just heard it from Steve, who said something like, "You watch that show, the House, right? Well guess who's gonna be on?"

House Casting: Candice Bergen to Play Cuddy's Mom

Personally I think this is a bad, bad, bad, bad idea, but less because of anything having to do with Miss Bergen than the fact that I believe the House/Cuddy relationship is going to be portrayed in a way that will represent complete and total character assassination for all involved and bringing in additional family members to either be cheerleaders or obstacles will just prolong the agony.

We knew that a "real" House/Wilson beyond the fanservice and smirking was never going to happen, but I feel like giving a hearty fuck-you to whoever decided the House/Cameron couldn't happen, even if that means it's aimed at Mr. Laurie himself.

No, it couldn't have been a "good" relationship either, but if they'd done it in the 3rd season, instead of the horrible way they did Chase/Cameron, it would have been in character, been able to crash and burn realistically and made room for all sorts of House/Wilson angst.

As it is...I know I've said I was going to hang on to this show until the bitter end, cause that's the kind of stubborn wench I am, but this is getting smellier by the minute and I think if they try to make this "relationship" the least bit happy for House (and don't play Wilson's jealousy and House making every possible attempt to break up Sam and Wilson and try to get his old relationship with Wilson back) then it will be an unholy stench by the end of the season.
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