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Weekend highlights-including one total cock-up

Sunday was supposed to be Hair Day! I called Sebastian on Friday and we made our usual date for me to meet him at the Lake Merit BART station...and I was absolutely sure he said 1:30PM. I put it in my brand-spanking new cell phone and everything.

I got to the station a bit late on Sunday, and waited. And waited. And waited. When I decided to try and call Sebastian, I find out that my brand-spanking new cell phone was on "low battery" and unlike my old piece of shit cell phone, which could say "low battery" and still have some juice left, when my brand-spanking new cell phone says "low battery," it means NO BATTERY. And of course I no longer carry a phone book because all my numbers are in my cell phone, so there was no way to even get Sebastian's number to call him. I managed to get in ONE call just long enough for Sebastian to say, "I was there at 12:30" but not enough for me to say, "so come get me now, or at least pick me up on the way to the City." I thought he MIGHT swing by the station anyway, so I waited about anothr 20 minutes, before leaving and heading back to the City.

When I got to the Mint, he was already there looking puzzled and aggrieved. Basically I had to cop to being a dork, which is true because it wouldn't be 130PM anyway, since what with an hour of hair time, plus brunch, that would get us back to the City later than three, especially with football season traffic involved.

However, it was a nice, quiet crowd and I did end up getting to sing a lot. So that was ok.


Other stuff...we've stared Lie To Me with the first season DVDs and glomped through the first 8 episodes. No major shippiness asserting itself yet, but enjoying the premise and Tim Roth seems to be having fun. I'm glad they didn't do a "House" on him and that he's using his own accent.
Also, it's hi-larious how many, "hey, it's that guy" moments have ocurred with the various actors who tend to show up on all the procedurals eventually, including the guy who was "Teenage Supermodel's" skeevy dad and the guy who was the priest who'd lost his faith in Unfaithful. Also amusing to see David Anders, especially since we'd just caught him on Warehouse 13 as well.


We went to see "Catfish" at the Metreon. Go see it. I really can't tell you anything about it, except that the less I tell you the more you'll enjoy it. It has some pathos but on the Dead Dolphin Documentary Depression Scale i.e. The Cove Number, I'd only score it a 2.
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