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House Babble for Now What

Except maybe that it could actually be that bad.

All together now: STFU CUDDY!!!

Note to Lisa E-Be careful what you wish for.
Note to St. Doris-You'd better do a lot better than that when you get to write for Jack Harkness.
Note to Hugh Laurie-I know it was bad, but sweetie...they're paying you a lot of money. Can you at least try to sell this crap? You had a few moments where we could really see House's pain, but they were far and few between. You didn't even have any charm in the Wilson scene. What's up with that? Is my Tin Hat RPS true? Are you guys on the outs?

And speaking of House/Wilson, so tell me schmoopy fangirls, is that enough for you? Are you going to over-look the idea that Cuddy is now the self-identification object for all the girls who want to shag Hugh by accepting the "I was thinking about Wilson too line" and the Wilson coming in through the window? RSL wasn't even playing as much House-angst as he should have been. He was playing "Wilson thinks House is on drugs," not "I love House and I'm worried he's on drugs." Also not even an inkling of jealousy over House/Cuddy, even if he thinks it's just the hallucination. He seemed way more upset at the end of Season 5.

So the schmoopers got nothing, but neither did me and my angst-bunnies.

Meanwhile back at the hospital....

OK, I love Cuddy's new assistant. And I liked the Neurosurgeon, ESPECIALLY when he interfered with that "now we're friends" scene between Foreman and Thirteen.

At least Chase was actually being written character. I like that they at least acknowledged his creepy stalker technique from Season 3. And I hate myself for liking Chase and 13 together. I can't explain it, but so far Jesse Spencer is the ONLY person I've seen Olivia Wilde have a modicum of chemistry with.

I can't really enjoy 13 being gone because we know she's coming back.

The House/Cuddy sex was NOT sexy in any way, size, shape or form and the lead in was clearly fanservice and cut-rate hurt/comfort fanfic. Not only do I judge any H/W fans who are falling for this, I judge any House/Cuddy fans who think this is good for their pairing, as in representing anything that's genuine about their character. "All the horrible things I've done to you?" How about all the horrible things and the one horrible thing she did to him?

This show is now officially toxic sludge

And did I mention that that Niners suck too?
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