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Pimp Post Time

Chelsea Drugstore Bulletin Board

Tools For Changing The World

A new blog devoted to using social psychology for social good:

This blog has been started by the fabulous beta_goddess, and I'd really appreciate it if you went over and took a look. There's some fascinating stuff here, both in terms of information and practical approaches on how to use it. Please spread the word about this: Twitter, Facebook, Dreamwidth, LJ, etc. Let's get some traffic going.


Here's one for all you hate!sex fans. (MMMMMMMM HATE!SEX)

slippery_fish is hosting Kiss Me/Kill Me - An Antagonistic Pairing Drabblethon

This way to the Drabble-thon


Reminder-Come As You're Not

MORE PIMPING, PLEASE!!! Even if you know you're not going in costume, please help get the word out. Again, use whatever resources you have. Twitter, Facebook, LJ & Dreamwidth, Smoke Signal, Carrier Pigeon, etc.


In case you missed it during the Weekend Vortex:

Ficathon Walks Into A Bar

Two characters, a bar, and a 500 word minimum. Crossover hilarity (or smut, or pathos, or whatever you like) ensues.

Livejournal Rules Post

Dreamwidth Rules Post


Chicating's latest Daily Kos posting. It's a doozy. Take a look.


For anyone who agreed with my House Babble for Now What, you might enjoy this delightfully scathing piece from cuddyclothes which deals graphically with the stupidity regarding certain bits of House's anatomy.


I don't have much new fic for you this week guys, although if there's any White Collar fans who haven't checked out hllangel's Big Bang entry Occam's Razor, you should go do it now.


House MD

The show's gone to hell in a bucket, but good fic is still being written.

If you want to see some realistic House/Cuddy, along with House/Wilson and Cuddy/Stacy friendship (you remember that, right?) try Little Children by Emily's List, brought to the attention of the Chelsea Drugstore, by the lovely Petrichor_Fizz

And one from the vaults, in honor of the just passed Jewish Holiday-

Kol Nidre

Ol' skool House/Wilson with Wilson/Julie and plenty of Season 3 angst.
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