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Wednesday blah blah

TV Babble for Warehouse 13-Where and When and Covert Affairs-When the Levee Breaks

But not spoilers, because both episodes just reminded me of one thing...why is it that when I first get to know an American actor (Sendhil Ramamurthy or David Anders) using a fake accent, I cannot get used to him afterwards using his "regular" accent? It was really excruciating with David Anders on Warehouse, and the same weekend when I watched his episode of Lie To Me on DVD, but it applies to Sendhil as well. Everytime I see Jai on Covert Affairs, I expect him to sound like Mohinder and when that voice doesn't occur...it sounds wrong. When I hear David Anders NOT being all Sark-like, it throws me off.

What makes this weirder and totally hypocritical on my part is that I have no problem with Hugh Laurie as House or Marsha Thomason on White Collar, when I know full that in "real life" they sound completely different.


And now some thoughts on dogs and memory.

As of yesterday, I have taken and posted approximately 250 dog pictures. Since there are areas I frequent more than others, it makes sense that I would have encountered some of the dogs more than once. My rule for the "Dog of the Day" is no repeats. So if I discover that I've got a repeat, I need to find another dog. Generally, I'm better at remembering doggie names than faces. The way I tend to discover a "repeat" is that the name will ring a bell, such as Waco, Hopey, and Freeda. In those cases, I took a picture, asked the owner for the name and realized I'd already photographed the dog. However, a few days ago, I got an absolutely gorgeous Sharpei and only after looking at the picture itself, thought...I've seen this dog before, and it turned out to be repeat...photographed at nearly the same location. However it was the face itself that triggered the memory, not the name.

And then of course, there's Mr. Willie Woo. That's a name and a face you don't forget.

ETA-so far only one person has remembered me taking a picture of the dog...and they even knew the name of the Chelsea Drugstore blog.


I'm completely addicted to Scrabble game on my new computer, although it does bug me that I can "cheat" because there's no penalty for posting a "bad" word. It tells you it's wrong and doesn't score, but you don't lose you're turn. I try to play fair, but there is the temptation to use this function to check on a word I'm not sure of, whereas in real Scrabble, this would be too risky. I'm currently playing against the "Smart" level, since that's the first one that regularly beats me.

I haven't brought Cubis Gold over to the new computer yet. Not sure if Scrabble is a better or worse addiction. AT least it makes me use my brain, rather than just zoning out, right? But it still uses up time that should be "Novel" time.

ETA-I also think my computer game is sentient and has a sense of humor. Last night, I played "fellate" and it came back with "frisky."


Made it to the gym yesterday. 30 minutes treadmill. Day three of non-binging today. This is always the toughie. Especially since I didn't get much sleep last night.

Hence the blah blah blah.

That's how I feel.
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