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2nd quarter fic wrap up.

Hello sick people and their loved ones gang! Especially the large number of new friends I’ve picked up over the last few weeks.

Welcome to the Chelsea Drugstore. Hope you’ll be sticking around to get your prescriptions filled.

Since at least some of those prescriptions require fanfic, I’m reposting the links to Box Set 2006
All the stories I wrote last year and
1st quarter Wrap-up for 2007.

This will bring you up to speed on all the pairings and fandoms I've attempted as well as a chance for folks to catch up on House or CSI fics they had to skip late last year or earlier this year due to spoilers.

And now for your viewing pleasure----2nd Quarter 2007 Wrap Up, including mmom

Two drabbles for savemoony following one of our impassioned post-ep discussions.
One H/W and one nasty Wilson/Chase

On April 2nd , I posted the Stump The Writer meme, leading to the following consolidated drabble posts:

Mixed bag

All House/Wilson, All the time.

Multiple fandoms, including Blackadder.

Strange Arrangements


Internet Porn

My nastiest, most heart-felt piece of mood-fic yet. And yet, kind of schmoopy in its own deranged way. Inspired multiple requests for Dom!Wilson to tie up House. As yet, unfulfilled.


H/W drabble-Missing scene from House Training.

Cuddy’s Delight

Birthday fic for kj_draft, who wanted Cameron/Cuddy with dom!Cam. One of the toughest things I’ve ever written.

And then for some reason, I started writing a lot of Alias

My entry in the remix_redux challenge.
Alias fic featuring Jack/Irina.

House/Alias crossover. Chase/Sark. And my first rimming scene!
NC17 and beyond.

And while we’re at it:
Written for the Alias Ficathon

Now for some het! Hey, I'm bifictional and proud and NOT AFRAID to walk on the wild side by writing House/Cameron.

Selfish Bastard
Written for the hc_smut_a_thon prompt of Jealous!House goes wild. Spoiler for Top Secret.

In May, I participated in the mmom Merry Month of Masturbation challenge to write 30 wank!fics in 30 days. To make this more fun I challenged myself to do it alphabetically. And I went on vacation in the middle of it.

Here are the final results:

Whole lot of shakin' going on!

Band Of Gold

House/Cameron-NON-smut fic written as a wedding present for starhawk2005

I’m really proud of this one. If you were looking for a chance to nominate one of my stories for the housefic_meta Hall of Fame…I’m just saying. Cause it’s not pron, you know? There's character development and Stacy snark and comic relief and a happy ending.

Sacred Trust
H/W angst ficlet about House's pain.

Manhattan Melodrama
House MD/CSI-NY crossover.
Chase/Danny-Angst/Smut extravaganza. Birthday fic written for kohlrimmedeye.

Three femslash zombie drabbles.
House MD, CSI-NY, and Being John Malkovich.

Which led to this Time Of The Season
The Daily Show/The Colbert Report RPS-Jon/Stephen.
So cute it hurts.

Sex, Lies & TiVo
House/Wilson, House/Foreman
Birthday fic for daasgrrl.

And one more Alias,
Just a smutty little Jack/Will ficlet written for jenab from her Me meme

Danger Zone


Last year I threw the first ever Come As You're Not Karaokegal Halloween Party.

Plans are definitely underway to do a new and improved version with a longer posting window and a bigger bribe to the cops.

I'll do the official invite at the 60 days prior mark, but I live in San Francisco where we start planning our Halloween costumes the day after Halloween, so you may want to start thinking about it now.

The premise is you can write anything as long as it's something you've never done before. A fandom, pairing, style, kink, etc etc. This year, I'd love to see more diversity of fandoms and way more cross-dressing i.e. Het writers doing slash and vice versa.


I'm still in the planning stages for my House MD Minor Character/Guest Star ficathon. Just from the amount of ficathons and fests I've been pimping lately, I can tell that this summer is NOT THE TIME. I'm aiming for early 08'. So if you've got ideas for Julie, Dwarf!mom, Gay Mobster, Marco the Pharamacist, and Wilson's divorce lawyer...keep 'em on ice for awhile.

It’s never too late to read, comment, worship, rec, or pimp.
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