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30 Days of Music Meme

Ganked from speccygeekgrrl

Questions here

And we've come to the end of another month-long meme.

Day 30 - A song about endings

After yesterday's abject failure, I actually have the perfect answer to this.

The Curtain Falls-Bobby Darin

Off comes the make up
Off comes the clown's disguise
The curtain's fallin'
The music softly dies.

But I hope your smilin'
As you're filin' out the door
As they say in this biz
That's all there is... there isn't anymore.

We've shared a moment
And as the moment ends
I got a funny feelin'
We're parting now as friends.

Your cheers and laughter will linger after
They've torn down these dusty walls
If I had this to do again
And the evening were new again
I would spend it with you again
But now the curtain falls.

Your cheers and laughter will linger after
They've torn down these dusty walls
People say I was made for this
Nothin' else would I trade for this
And just think I get paid for this...

"Goodnight ladies and gentlemen and God love you, thank you."
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