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Weekend report.

Sorry for the spammage. This should be it for awhile.

Saturday I hauled myself out and made sure I covered at least seven miles. I'm going to sign up for the US Half Marathon on November 4, which means I have four months to get myself up to 13 miles.

Came home and we headed out to brunch at Chow, almost made plans to go to a movie. We decided not to rush for a 130PM as it was already 1220PM and we also had to make at stop at Psycho-sis's place to pay her rent. We did the leisurely thing and planned for the 4:30PM show of Oceans 13 at the new
Century Movie Theater at Westfield Center.

Westfield Center USED to be San Francisco Center and it was already massive and scary and ostentatious with Nordstroms and giant escalators and the usual amounts of noise and crowds associated with an urban mall. This was the first time I'd been in since they opened a whole separate section including a movie theater, Borders, Bloomingdales etc.

WOW!!! So many stores. So many clothes I would never wear or be able to afford if I wanted to wear them. So many chairs with so many guys all sporting the look of a cliche "guy waiting for girlfriend to shop".

The movie theater was quite nice including very comfortable seats, once one
gets used to the horror of paying $10.00 for the movie itself. If a movie was going to be worth $10.00, I'd say Ocean's 13 is it. I can't say much about the movie for spoiler reasons, except to say the guys are gorgeous, anyone who can't see slash chemistry between Clooney and Pitt is trying very hard NOT to see it. Clooney gets in one of the best eye-rolls I've ever seen and there's one in-joke that have in stitches. In fact, there was a lot of laughing out and loud and I don't do that very much in the movies.

Probably my only quibble would be the mis-use of Ellen Barkin and her boobs.

On the other hand, HEADS UP, MI5/Spooks (or All MY CHILDREN)fans, Olga Sosnovska in a good-sized roll, and looking quite nice.

Came home and started the first disk of Kitchen Confidential. Since I'm a big fan of the "real" Anthony Bourdain both in print and on Travel Channel, I gotta say that Bradley Cooper for all his adorability didn't quite work for me in the part, but it was nice to see him being less nebbishy than he was as "Willage Idiot" on Alias. Nice bod on the boy, I will say that.

Frank Langella! Wow, I remember when he was very young and sexy Dracula. Also nice to see John Laroquette in a guest spot, having survived his ordeal as Vegetative State Guy. (Although the KC episode might have been done before that.)

Sunday was a rather desperately needed hair day. The roots were looking NASTY people. Sebastian wanted to meet early because he'd told this guy he's sort of trying to hook up with that he'd be outside the Mint at 3:00PM on the nose.

We met at the usual place. (He picks me up at Lake Merrit Bart Station.) I had remembered to take my benedryl so the Devil Cats were only able to look at me with their evil eyes, but not make cause me to sneeze, sniffle, swell up, etc.

Sebastian took care of the nasty roots and I stood in his living room trying out a few new songs until it was time for the shampoo, rinse, cut and the magic trick where he makes it absolutely straight (until I wash it) and I look a bit (a very tiny bit) like Ann Margaret for awhile.

We did brunch at our usual place, Jims in Oakland and then headed to the City facing some really hellacious traffic as we came in, but still found parking right outside the Mint.

Perfect sunny, warm, happy Mint Day.

Tony, the former sfbuffalo was back among us. Aside from Hubby, no straight man makes me feel more desirable than Tony, especially on HAIR DAY, so I let him hug me. A Lot! OK, I'm playing with a tiny bit of fire, but Tony is pretty harmless, and very deferential to my status as a married woman.

I got a lot of writing done. The RPS express keeps a rollin'.

Karaoke song list-
Those Magic Changes-Grease (Only kidding myself that I can actually sing this.)
I'd Love To Change The World-Ten Years After
Constantly-Cliff Richard
A Must To Avoid-Herman's Hermits

Hubby called to tell me he'd gotten a burrito, so I didn't have to bring home sushi. Got home around 8:30PM and we finished the 1st KC disk. We were going to start Season 5 of the Sopranos, but it turned out we somehow missed the last disk of Season 4 and didn't want to jump the gun. Luckily we had a CSI on TiVo that I hadn't seen yet.

Does Alan Rosenberg have some kind of monopoly on playing lawyers? It's pretty funny to see him as sleazy Vegas lawyer, when he's also Wilson's lawyer in "Whac-A-Mole" (Plus Civil Wars and LA LAW) OK, I know he also did a judge on Numb3rs, but still...

Anyway, it's pretty quiet here at the Desk Of Doom, which is good as I obviously have many LJ related things on my plate today...including checking out what got posted over the weekend.

Anything interesting?
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