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Weekend report-Part 3-Sunday

I love this town. This is just a partial list of things that I know were happening this past Sunday:

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass-Day 3
Bridge to Bridge Run
Strides For Life-walk/run around Lake Merced
Castro Street Fair
Sand Castle Building Contest

I didn't partake in too much of this, since I was still recovering from the previous night. Instead of heading back up to the park, we hunkered down with some DVDS. I had put Gone In 60 Seconds on my Netflix Queue so that I could watch Christopher Eccleston slumming in a "for the money dear boy" role as the Big Bad. It turned out to be incredibly fun as a "so bad it's good" kind of movie. The cast was lots of fun and it was so weird to see Chi McBride as a nice guy AND Timothy Olyphant smiled a lot and got the best line in the movie. IMAO. Even Angelina Jolie was much better than she's bee lately.

Then I headed to the Mint, but I had to go to Walgreens on Castro to get my pills and of course I'd totally forgotten it was the Castro Street Fair and I had to get through that crowd. It really wasn't good weather. Still cold and foggy. Usually the day of the Bridge to Bridge run is the hottest day of the year, but maybe the weather gods decided to go with fog this year, since I wasn't running and wouldn't be around to die from heat stroke.

Mint was moderately crowded, but Sebastian wasn't there, probably and wisely NOT wanting to deal with the traffic. I hung with Clash and Brendan and had a blast with my buddy Big Frank who was in for Daddy Dave who was probably freezing his as off, but getting to see Randy Newman and Patty Smith at the Bluegrass festival. Frank and I did "You Can't Stop The Beat" from Hairspray. Lots of fun!

Came home and made a steak.

Then we watched The Magician, which I assume put on my queue because of Clive Owen, who was very much the secondary character, although still CLIVE OWEN!!! This film was extremely bleak in that "London is raining all the time" miserable crime drama mode. Which I kind of enjoyed and which made a good lead-in to "Wallander" on Mobile Mystery. Always nice to see Kenneth Brannaugh when he's NOT in BIG HAM mode. Another one of the dark, broody side. It's pretty much as one review described it, "What if Ingmar Bergman directed a mystery?"

You know it's been a long weeked when it takes until Thursday to write it up. :)

And more goodies coming up this weekend. We're going to go precinct walking, try and see The Social Network and maybe have brunch with Ivan.
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