karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

DUH! I forgot to mention the Tory Belleci sighting I had on Sunday

On my way up 18th Street, just in front of Faye's Video. I spotted him with a cup of coffee. At first I wasn't sure because he didn't have the soul-patch or goatee. I looked back, ascertained it was him, and smiled. Then I said "Hi" and "New season starting soon?" He said yeah. I was trying not to be a babbling fan-girl, so I just told him we loved the show and watch it over and over, and he should tell everybody. I didn't pull out the camera, cause I figure he's on his time and doesn't need that crap.

This makes four sightings in my neighborhood. One on Valencia, two at Cafe Petra and now 18th near Guerrero. I'm thinking either he lives in the neighborhood or has a girlfriend who does.
Tags: journal, mythbusters, tory belleci

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