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NCIS Babble for Short Fuse

Yeah, baby, that's what I call canon slash. :)

So, yeah, I heartily concur with everyone on my F-list who says that Gibbs and Fornell are being played as an old married couple. I miss the old UST that used to practically jump off the screen whenever the two of them went into the elevator together, but you gotta love the material and especially Joe Spano's line readings. "I just spent two hours with our ex-wife." "I was trying to curry favor." Even the pained expression on his face before asking for the cereal.

Since when does Gibbs have a kitchen?

Too bad the rest of the episode was boring and once again full of padding. What's the point of getting rid of the useless interns only to do an entire episode about this whole ludicrous "cover boy" story, just to humiliate Tony at the end. For what? We know Tony has completely reverted to Jerk-ass and that's fine, but why make the point at length? Especially when he actually had most of the good ideas during the actual investigation.

The "main plot" was completely un-engagin except as way to have the Gibbs/Fornell stuff. I didn't think the marine was attractive so the idea that she could seduce the FBI guy was less than compelling. I didn't like her at all, so I didn't give a shit whether someone was trying to kill her or not.

Also, is it me or has every episode this season seemed to have endorsed some very questionable morality? Is the idea that since Mexico Gibbs is morally compromised and so is everyone associated with him? I used to think of Gibbs as a moral absolutist who would do the right thing even if it meant hurting people he cared about.

Now we've had him set up Alejandro to shoot his own sister and VANCE covering up Gibbs murder of Pedro Hernandez, followed by the tacit approval of William Devane's badassery, which was awesome, but illegal and now this shit, which I'm sorry to say is still shit.
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