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Movie Review-The Social Network

OK, I loved this movie, but my favorite thing about it was finding out that LiveJournal preceded Facebook!

The first time we see Mark Zuckerberg get on-line to blog, he's on LJ!!! Somehow that made me ridiculously happy.

Great script. The first scene just screams "I am Sorkin; hear me roar." It's all so funny and witty and snarky and brilliant.

And slashy! Is there fic yet? If not, why not? How is this not totally a love story between Mark and Eduardo with Sean as the snake in the grass seducer. All the acting is awesome, but I gotta say that Justin Timberlake blew me away. I guess Sean Fanning didn't give permission to use his name so they had to call him Sean Parker, which cracked me up since, I used to do travel for Sean Fanning. I don't know if he's as big a prick as he's made out to be in the movie, but I suspect he'd have fared better if he had given permission.

Anyway, this is a great, fun, funny, well-acted, awesome movie. How awesome would it be if Justin fucking Timberlake got a supporting actor nomination?

ETA--OK, I just checked Wiki. Apparently Sean Parker and Sean Fanning are two different people who were both involved with Napster. Now I'm totally confused, but I still thought Justin Timberlake was amazing.

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