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Pimp Post Time-Let's have a quickie!


Everything Wrong with the World can be Blamed on Will Schuester by fuzzy_paint.

This was recced to me by the fabulous beta_goddess and it was perfection. Apparently it was written for the Reel Glee challenge, but to be honest, I didn't even notice that when I was reading it.

It's just so funny and fast and clever and bitchy and everything a Sue Sylvester fic should be. The snark is superb. Seriously, if you're into Glee at all, you MUST READ THIS.


White Collar

Always Starts the Same, with a Boy and a Girl by Light Gets In.

Recced to me by hllangel. I took one look at it and said something along the lines of, "You know I'm not crazy about AU/AR fics and hey, this thing is over 20,000 words." She said it was great and I should read it.

Guest what? It's great and you should read it. It goes by fast and sucks you into the AR immediately and leaves you breathlessly reading, desperately hoping it's all going to turn out OK.



Have I mentioned how much I love my F-list and how you guys take such good care of me?

Last week I had cause to mention a truly wretched fic that I accidentally poisoned my eyes with because it had the promising pairing of Jack and Diane, only to betray the reader and violate Jack's character utterly. I asked you guys to rec me a good fic with the pairing, and the lovely ebineez01 actually WROTE the fic that should have been written for that pairing.

A Little Story Bout...

Deliciously real!Jack and equally true-to-form Diane. Owen takes a few shots to the ego here, but what can you do? It's exactly could/would/and should have happened.

Please check it out and spread the real!Jack love. :)


Speaking of real!Jack...Attn: K-Mart Shoppers Real!Jack believers, Jack/ABI shippers and TW rare-pair fans!

lefaym has put together Was Someone Kissing Me?, and e-book collection of "rare-pairing" fic. (Although it's sad that any Jack/ABI has to be considered "rare-pair".) Anyway, all kinds of goodies inside, including one by your humble servant. It's a fun assortment and should be fun for those who'd like to read fanfic on their e-readers.
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