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Fun on the Fourth-Movies, karaoke, friends, etc.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day in the neighborhood, meaning San Francisco was having such nice, warm weather I was actually able to take off my jacket and go bare arms which is very unusual for me.

Hubby had to work last night, which meant he had to sleep yesterday, so it was a good day for me to get out of the house and meet blueashke for brunch and a movie. I knew blueashke from the Mint before I knew her as an LJ-er so it's a double bonus to be able to talk fanfic and internet drama with someone I have a normal real life relationship with, assuming you consider the ability to spend hours at the bar doing karaoke, to be normal.

She's NOT a Housefrau, but she is a Bones maven, which gives her a Stephen Fry connection. She's also a totally lovely, funny, snarky, awesome person and man can she sing country!

We ate at Mel's diner, both of us indulging some serious carnivorality and then meandered back across Mission Street to the Westfield Center to cruise the stores and see "Ocean's 13". Attentive readers will remember that I saw this move like FIVE DAYS AGO!!! I know people go back to see Pirates bazillion times so why shouldn't I take another gander at the pretty, pretty boys? It's the kind of movie that improves on a second viewing because bits of the plot reveal themselves when he hear the lines again knowing how the movie ends. I could probably see it a few more times. And then go back and by the first two on DVD. And re-read all the fic. I need something to obsess about while I'm waiting for the House DVDs to come out.

After standing in a line so she could procure a Muni/Bart Fast Pass (the item one needs to get around San Francisco) we took the F-line up to the Mint where Sebastian and Angie were already hanging out, but that was it so I got to sing a few songs right away.

I was on assignment to be home at 5:00PM either with food in hand or ready to cook very quickly. The sushi bar didn't open until 5, so at 445PM, I was barreling down Guerrero Street to be home on time at which point, I made pasta and had hubby eating by 515PM.

Hung out, watched some television. History channel was showing of shows called The States, all full of easily digestible factoids about the individual states. Here's a fact for ya, Joe Piscopo looks AWFUL!!! (He was doing seriously bad schtick in the New Jersey segment.)

As soon as he was out the door, I ran downstairs to use the High Speed internet at Petra because I needed to look at some clips of Hugh on Jay Leno that will play a part in the next RPS chapter. After watching those and taking notes, I ran upstairs to put the laptop down and was quickly back out the door and up the hill to the Mint.

I can never never move more than walking distance from the Mint.
blueashke was still there, as was my friends Thomas and Ed, who are among the few who were regulars when I started coming around over 10 years. It was Ed's birthday and he was in fine inebriated, sarcastic form.
Thomas had his leg in a cast, but I don't think he was feeling much pain either.

I pulled out the notebook, but instead of the RPS in progress, I started working on Ocean's fic. SIGH! In my defense, my subconscious needs some time to assimilate the Leno clips as those are the next bits I have to write in the story.

Hung out for two rotations. I sang "Town Without Pity" for Ed, including melodramtic posing and ending up singing directly to him in the lounge so we did the ending together. I tried the "standard" version of Bye Bye Blackbird, but it's a very slow tempo so I won't do that again. I'll have to stick with the Wayne Newton version which is very fast, but that works better for me.

Walking back home I saw a little bit of the fireworks that were going on down at Embarcadero. It was a gorgeous, clear night, which we so rarely have at this time of year.

Got home around ten, and should have gone to bed immediately but felt a bit wired and wound up watch TV and playing Cubis for hours and hours and hours.

I didn't get to bed until after midnight, but somehow managed to get up and drag carcass to the gym this morning.

And then made the big mistake which led to the previous post. :(

But really, things are fine and I love you guys.

Hello spies, if you're out there. Say "hi" for me. P.S. - I have spies too. And agents provocateurs, by the way.
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