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It's My Life!

A big hand for my pal Allyson, who did the Avon Walk For Breast Cancer this weekend and raised a lot of money, along with her team, Solemates.

Allyson and I used to train for running events together until she left San Francisco for Southern Cal. We completed the San Diego Marathon in (I think) 2003. We beat a blind woman, which was very exciting.

Weekend report includes spoiler for Tour De France, if you haven't seen Stage One.

Saturday AM I got up for an 8 mile walk/run/walk. I've signed up for the US Half Marathon so I need to get up 13 miles by the end of October.

It was a cold, foggy day, so we went to Chow for brunch. The veggie scramble (asparagus, scallions, tomatoes and ricotta) was well worth the smelly pee. We grabbed a few DVDs at Faye's Video to go with what we in from Netflix and hunkered downe for the afternoon and evening.

While we were watching I was chatting with a few of my fellow LJers, as well as attempting to type up as much of the new RPS as I've got written. It's up to 6000 words folks, although that's before the much-needed slice & dice by Beta Godess Carol.

Condolences to michelleann68 for the death of her hard drive. Bites back tears. It was so young. Only 18 months. Services will be announced pending results of the autopsy.

We watched the Original Ocean's 11 (Frank, Dean, Sammy etc) which is such a time-capsule and so incredibly different from the current batch, but not any more forgiving to actresses.

I finally got to see "Children Of Men," which I'd been interested in and sort of avoiding. If any of my LJ buds who are still in the UK happen to chance upon Clive Owen anywhere, please apprehend and send to me immediately. HE'S MINE!!! And the movie was interesting too. Sort of.

We also watched "Sweet & Lowdown" which mostly impressed hubby with how very bad Sean Penn's attempt to look like he was playing the guitar was. I enjoyed it, especially as Uma Thurman appeared in a very Uma part.

If anyone follows cycling you know that shortly after my Congratulations and Jubilations to Floyd Landis following last year's Tour, things went to hell in the proverbial handbasket.

We really haven't been following any of the one day or stage races that took place this season and pretty much the only coverage in the papers has been who got caught doping or had to retire because of allegations.

In fact the only coverage on Saturday was on the bottom back half of the sports section of the Chronicle and then it was just the AP stuff. They didn't even send anyone to cover it. I'm embarrassed for the Tour and the Chronicle. They're mostly focused on the All-Star game and Barry Bonds.

In spite of all that, we did watch the Prologue in London and the first stage from London to Canterbury and I felt caught up in totally. First of all OMG-THE TOUR DE FRANCE IN LONDON!!! The whole Anglophile thing, the scenery and just the usual pomp and hype and NO LANCE and NO JINGOISTIC RAH RAH AMERICA coverage. A true open Tour. I'm not even rooting for anyone in particular and I no longer have to hate Discovery Channel. It feels good.

I had promised Allyson I'd come out and cheer. The original plan was one of the "designated" cheering stops, but then it turned out they were supposed to have lunch in Dolores Park, which is much closer to Chez Karaokegal. Only her teammates decided they weren't going to eat until they got to Golden Gate park four miles later.

It took awhile and lot of phone calls, but we did hook up and hang for a bit. Everybody who came through looked pretty exhausted, but also elated. Lots of t-shirts and slogans about boobs. There's one team called Breast Friends (I think) and their slogan is "Saving 2nd base, one mile at a time.

After sending Allyson on her way, we stopped at Bi-rite and I grabbed a sandwich (OMG Portobello mushroom, mozerella, and olive tapenade) so we could come home and finish watching the Tour stage on Tivo.

Robbie McEwen came from all the way in the back of the peloton to win the sprint finish! It was FUCKING AMAZING!!! Just out of this world. Makes the whole thing worth watcing.

Karaoke was awesome too. Big Frank was in for Daddy Dave and he promises me he's working on his RPS and will have something for me to look at soon. He's been telling me this for months, but I have faith. Speaking of RPS, my pal Brad is back in town for a few months. He's also in the fanfic loop. Can you guys give me some recs for him?
Here's his smut shopping list:
Pirates Of The Carribean-Will/Anybody
Hex-any m/m pairing
League of Extraodinary Gentlemen-Movie version-Dorian Gray/Tom Sawyer
He also likes boyband slash and daasgrrl, I've already recced him your Chris/Blake.

Tony (he actually did "Too Drunk To Fuck", Peggy (she slipped me a Karaoke Roofie so I would sing a duet against my will.), Sebastian, TODD!!!! who I haven't seen in months. Whoooo-hoooo. We talked about them who we both knew what's gone now.

My songlist for tonight-
Smuggler's Blues-Glenn Frey
Constantly-Cliff Richard
Road To Mandalay-Frank Sinatra (In honor of my Great Grandpa Harry who sang it at every family occasion.)
Susan-The Buckinghams
Run Run Away-Slade (I'm nothing if not eclectic.)
Me and My Shadow-Sammy Davis Jr.

Got home with Sushi by eight. Hubby was happy and we watched "A River Runs Through It." (Part of his fishing interest, even though he's not interested in fly fishing.)

Beddy bye time. See you guys tomorrow when I actually check up on what's been posted to LJ over the weekend.
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