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House Babble for Unplanned Parenthood

To quote the lovely michelleann68, "This whole episode smells of baby poop."

Unbelievable. Whatever charm and humor and balance they'd actually managed to acheive in the non House/Cuddy portion of the last two weeks goes right out the window. I'm strongly tempted to slot this in behind ODOR and Last Resort for 3rd place in the WORST HOUSE EPISODES OF ALL TIME list.

Let me say it for the umpteenth time...Really Lisa? This is what you wanted for your character? Flashing your boobs and bartering sex? Appearing in the ugliest night outfit ever? Is being the "love interest" for House really worth this to you as an actress, for your character and as a woman?

I don't know which aspect I'm more pissed off about, the fact that the drama was a re-hash of Babies and Bathwater, complete with Shore's "bad mommy issues" (See Need To Know, Forever, Lines In The Sand, Joy etc Ad Infinitum) where the mom can only be canonized by literally dying for her child, OR the fact that they couldn't stay with the actual medical plot for five minutes because they were too busy with the literal crap of House/Cuddy/Baby/Dime/Wilson sitcom.

I felt insulted on behalf of Jennifer Grey, who was actually trying to act her way through this stuff, although I honestly wondered about some of her acting choices. Her affect was so far off, I thought it was going to turn out to be a brain tumor.

And what was that crap with the daughter about? She actually got a STFU in every single scene she was in. Way more than Taub this week, although he certainly earned his fair share.

SERIOUSLY guys? David, Katie, Hugh, David Foster....really? You couldn't spend time doing a real diagnostic for the baby and the mom? You had to keep going back to the sitcommy shit. You had to give us a House/Wilson scene that ALMOST had House vs God intensity and make it about playing chicken over not leaving the kid alone. And you let House wuss out as badly as Wilson? And again, a House/Wilson eating Chinese food on a couch scene...as if you didn't know that Damned If You Do wasn't the seminal H/W moment for many slash fans, and then make it as devoid of H/W as possible. Again beaming in from the first season, but without the tension.

Was RSL just hankering for the chance to make a fool of himself on camera and you felt the need to oblige?

Remember Euphoria Part 2? Massive drama, tensions and emotions running high. Right in the middle of that you were able to give us a cute clinic patient scene about the little girl with Gratification Disorder. It was adorable. It lightened things up a bit. And then we went right back to Foreman almost dying. That was a show that had some balance to it.

A few--very few--bright spots. Allow me to express my love of Dr. Cheng. Once again proving it's possible to introduce an interesting character very quickly and show that she could work on the team WITHOUT THE SURVIVOR CRAP!!!! I loved Dr. Cheng in the 15 or 20 minutes she had on screen tonight than I've liked 13 at any point in her entire tenure except maybe one or two scenes with Chase.

I'm sorry we won't get her as a regular character, although it was almost worth it to have her call out Taub as a paranoid child. In fact, there was a whole subtext of the episode showing the general worthlessness of Taub. Foreman and Chase basically talk over him and ignore him, and we already know what House thinks of him. I actually those bits as Shore finally admitting that the character was a mistake.

And even though I don't like children any more than Dr. Cheng does, I will say, those kids are playing Rachel are adorable. (They're named Kayla and Rylie Colbert, but apparently no relation to Stephen.)

No new episode until November 8. Just as well. I need a break.
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