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Hello from the Desk of Doom

I hit the Mint for about an hour last night to do Hit & Run karaoke-still trying to nail that version of Me & My Shadow, and do a little more work on the RPS in question. At one point I was chortling over my own brilliance, which may or not be a good sign.

Bradly was there with all his manic NY energy, thanking me for the fic recs I got him and asking for more.
Here's the shopping list again, if anybody wants to help.
Pirates Of The Carribean-Will/Anybody
Hex-any m/m pairing
League of Extraodinary Gentlemen-Movie version-Dorian Gray/Tom Sawyer

I also hung out with Brendan who had a slight karaoke hissy fit when someone else did "Luck Be A Lady," which is his signature song. The whole time everyone was coming up to him, saying "You do it better," and "You should go hit that guy," and stuff.

Then I came home and watched my TiVo of the 2nd Stage of the Tour De France. Belgium looked lovely but the weather did not.

I chatted with several of my lovely LJ buds, and then just when they'd all gone beddy-bye (or off to work in the UK) I couldn't resist pushing the button to start "Spin" which I haven't seen for awhile (and of course ties in to the Tour, now more than EVER with all the doping allegations over the past year.)

I'm definitely going soft in my old age, or the horrors of Season 3 have turned my brain to mush, because Stacy is now far less loathesome to me than she was the first time I saw those episodes. I'm still all about the House/Wilson and of course "Spin" is the (ahem) seminal episode because of the "I met someone...who made me feel good. Funny." line. And the awesome H/W interaction, including-"Do you really think this is going to turn out well...for anybody," and (Hello michelleann68) the glory of 2nd season Wilson blue shirtage.

But what really had me squeeeing was that whole Rube Goldberg thing with the CD jewel boxes that he House has set up with the BOUO and everything, and the expression on Wilson's face just before he says "You didn't do it, did you? You didn't sleep with him." I can't quite explain it, but it's more (to me) than just a realization, because I think he was operating on the assumption that she had. I still have some eeevil Wilson/Cam hatesex scenarios to play out (way down the line)and I think that moment might be crucial. (Wilson definitely needs to Cam down off that high horse.)

Plus another great montage...It's NOT the same director as "Fools For Love" but it did remind me of the Walter Reed montage, including Wilson alone reading a Baseball book.

Despite not getting to sleep until after midnight, I got up and went to the gym for the 2nd day in row. Yesterday was a weights day--and I really pushed the weight a bit. Today I did the treadmill for thirty minutes and worked up quite sweat. I'm probably going to be hurting tomorrow, but so far so good.

Very quiet at the Desk Of Doom today, although there's stuff I should be doing. It's Tobie's bday, so I got her a card with cute kittens.

I'm still on yesterday's newspaper because I was doing fic stuff at lunch yesterday instead of reading the paper. I love Cindy Sheehan as much as the next anti-war Bush-hater, but she definitely needs to take a rest and a chill-pill. Threatening to run against Nancy Pelosi is NOT the way forward. Cindy Sheehan article .
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