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Hit and run catch up post.

NCIS-Loyals and Royals-Daniel Gillies was adorable but this episode was extremely ho-hum except f another week of total jerkassness from Tony. I know it's a few years already but between Jaune and the Ziva rescue and dealing with Dad wasn't he supposed to have made some kind of growth? Apparently not.


Brunch at Maverick---OH. MY. GOD! Seriously. You all need to come to San Francisco and eat brunch with me. Best breakfast sandwich ever.


Movie-It's Kind of a Funny Story-Catcher in the Rye meets One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. A little darker than the trailer would lead you to believe, but lots of manipulatively effective crowning moments of awesome, some of which worked for me and some didn't. Asif Mandvi has a nice part as a doctor.

We went to the Hyatt where Bouchercon was taking place and crashed the dealer's room. No one stopped us. They were probably hoping we'd buy something. We didn't. Someday, if I ever sell another book, I'll go back to one of those things. Not till them.

DVD-Get Him To The Greek-Believe it or not, this is the first Judd Apatow movie I've ever actually seen. As hubby noted, it's really just a variation of "My Favorite Year," only with much more sex and drugs. Russell Brand was awesome, although clearly playing himself, but that worked for Peter O'toole, so why not Russell. It was a little ooky watching the scene about putting the drugs up his bum, when I've seen Russell's stand-up about the same topic and have to assume it's something that really did happen. Puff Daddy was truly epic.


Glee-Grilled Cheesus-I found pretty much everything about this episode annoying or offensive and I hated ALL of the music, included Puck butchering Only The Good Die Young. I should be glad that songs are being cut short, but in this one it seemed to be really badly done and blatant.

So apparently Burt really did throw Finn AND Carol out of the House after the fight, which means Kurt NEVER went to his father and owned his part of the fiasco to make things right so I'm still pissed at him. And this week did not endear me in any way. The sight of Chris Colfer's quivery lips fills me with rage. If I never have to see another scene of Kurt sniveling again it's going to be too soon. His rendition of I Want To Hold Your Hand was torturous. Bridge Over Troubled Waters as a gospel song is SUCH a cliche'

THANK (you should pardon the expression) GOD for Sue Sylvester.


Bones-The Body and the Bounty
Apparently Tivo had something more important to do than record the first four eps of the season, but obviously there's been enough of a reset that everybody seems to be over whatever angst was messing with them last season. So it's back to being a frivlous non-investment show. On that level, I'll say fine, and go with the whole cutesy David Allan Grier as a Bill Nye type.


Sunday-It rained. I went out and ran in it for an hour.

All About You-McFly
Running Bear-Johnny Preston
All That Jazz-Chicago
Day Tripper-The Beatles


Buffy-Something Blue, Hush, Doomed.
Hubby said that Hush was the best episode so far. He loved The Gentlemen. Spike is getting some great material. On the other hand: Riley. Just...Riley


ETA: Is anyone watching Wallander? Is anyone enjoying it? I generally love Kenneth Branaugh, but I feel like he's somewhere between slumming and playing Kurt Wallander as The Melancholy Swede.

Speaking of British Mysteries-caught a VERY YOUNG Peter Capaldi in a Poirot from 1991!
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