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Mick LaSalle TOTALLY trashed "Order Of The Phoenix"

No spoilers in my post, possibly some in the moview review.

Here's the review!

This line cracked me up-but it's pretty evil: (He's talking about Daniel Radcliffe's acting) "He has been growing, while Emma Watson as his friend Hermione, can now give Jessica Alba a run for her money - that is in the can't-say-two-sentences-without-sounding-false department."

LaSalle is snarky, but generally not without good reason.

It doesn't affect whether I'll see it or not. Hubby is so into the books, I'm surprised he hasn't started writing fanfic. When a new one comes out, he buys it, reads it and then goes back and reads all the others, including the new one again. And obviously he goes to see all the movies, although only once as far as I know. I go with him because I'm a good wifey, and OH YEAH, ALAN RICKMAN!!!!
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