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30 Days of Letters Meme

A new month, a new 30 day meme. And not surprisingly it's ganked from speccygeekgrrl.

Here's the challenge, each day for the next month, write a blog in letter form to the following people:

Here's the list

Day 22 — Someone you want to give a second chance to

Dear Jerry Brown,

I wasn't old enough to vote for you as Governor the first time, (and I wasn't living in California) so I'm proud to be able to vote for you on November 2 and give you a second chance to fix this state. You had some bad breaks last time around and I know you've had plenty of time to learn during your years as head of the California Democratic Party, Mayor of Oakland and Attorney General of California.

I think it's vitally important that you win and Meg Whitman (who is most certainly EXACTLY the word that was used and every other horrible thing I can think to call anyone, regardless of gender) lose.

Looking forward to calling you MY GOVERNOR,

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