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Come As You're Not 2010-The Countdown Begins!

Hey guys, we are one week away from our fifth (and possibly last) annual Come As You're Not Halloween Fanfiction Party!

My vacation time starts on Wednesday, so that's when I'll be taking the Chelsea Drugstore SUV out for a shopping run. Please let me know what kind of food, beverages and recreational drugs you'd like me to pick up or order in. You can also let me know your size (or expected size after the party) for your commemorative sparkly "I Survived CAYN 2010" T-shirt.

Once again we will have the open-bar with our handsome/beautiful omni-sexual bartenders, and a special feature this year will be the Brain Bleach Fountain suitable for either drinking or full-body immersion as necessary.

I'm also reaching out for help providing the tunes for our week-long extravaganza. If anyone is feeling inspired to put together a playlist or send a few songs they'd like me to incorporate into one, I'd really appreciate it. Or even just suggest a theme. Because otherwise, it could be All-Barrow/Manilow ALL THE TIME!!!

How is everybody's costume coming along?

Don't forget, there's still time to put on a mask, by writing a ficlet or drabble, as long as it meets your personal Come As You're Not criteria.

I will admit there is every possibility that your hostess with the mostess on the ball will come staggering down the stairs with sequins falling off and a few seams being held together with safety pins. Let me just say that keeping the W in PWP is a BITCH!

Looking forward to seeing you all there.
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